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Making a mess...

This week, I have been messing around.
Messing around with papers, stamps, paint and pencils.
Sometimes it's good to let go and just play without having a finished product in mind. I think my mind was too full thinking about what to do about my last portrait (see last posting) so it was great to mess around and as for the portrait, I've decided to just leave her as she is.

Here's the product of my mess...

that's basically it.


Rachelle x


Lisa D. said...

I love messes like this! These are great.

Rachelle said...

Hey Lisa :)
thanks, I just needed to have a little play around and be a little lighthearted with it. Have a great Sunday.
Rachelle x

Jez said...

I love these sad ladies. I always wonder what they are thinking. And I spend a lot of time 'making a mess', and yours are so wonderful.

Rachelle said...

Hi Jez,
I don't always intend them to come out sad, it just seems to happen sometimes... I wnder what they are thinking too, I always think they look a little lost.
Rachelle xx