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All Woman...

Today is International Women's Day,

it's OUR day.
Chicks Rule.

Here's a little tune to play whilst you read

I'm working on something larger at the moment.
It was after making my latest faces (see the last post) that I thought about doing this.
I'm really enjoying going back to my original way of working and using lots of collage as a background layer and then working on the top.
I love the effect where you can still see the background images slightly through the paint, especially when you have stuck down cool things on the canvas.
You'll see what I mean later...

I found an unwanted picture in the house and decided to paint over it and use it for my new face. 
 It's bigger, it's 32"x32" so a bit different for me.
But hey, I'm always up for trying something new, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't matter.
I think this one is working though,


this is the collage layer (or most of it), I stuck things I like the look of, or that I like the color of.
I even stuck and old photo of me, a train ticket from my trip to see my son the other week, and some of my daughters scribbles.  Oh, and a little Dorothy sticker (the cool stuff), can you see her?

I sprayed the collage with some watered down acrylic paint - I have these very cool little spray bottles, they are from Ranger, and are great for mixing some color sprays. So much cheaper than buying ready made sprays.

I did a bit of writing (my intentions) in a marker, added some painted stamps and rubbed in a little white gesso.  Gesso makes the surface nice for working on with your pencils later.

I've sketched the face on here, just in pencil, then I went over the line in a marker pen.

In this one, I have started adding more gesso to the face for highlights etc.  
I've still tried to keep the background visible in places too.

This is where she's up to now.
I'm sitting on her for a bit, I'm a bit unsure about the background and her hair yet.
Decisions, decisions.

If you want a little closer look,
watch this quick little video,
maybe you will have a little idea about the background.

Rachelle x


Anonymous said...

Very cool,, It really gives me a better understanding of what the process is in making your paintings.

Creatively yours Fi said...

I think it's awesome as it is Rachelle! Thanks for sharing love it :)

Jez said...

I really love your blog and am glad I have found it. Your faces are lovely - their eyes are so sad and wistful. How you manage to fit so much into your time is a mystery. Thank you for the things you have shared. - Another Lancashire Lass, albeit a much older one!

Rachelle said...

Oh thanks, I like to post the process shots sometimes. I'm always curious to see how things come together.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Fi,
Thanks... I'm loving this one too. She'll be difficult to part with.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hey Jez, my fellow Lancashire lass.
I'm really pleased that you found me too, hope to see you here lots. I'm really pleased that you like my stuff.
Rachelle x

Blog 54 said...

Hello Rachelle, I just wanted to say I love your blog, I have found it inspiring...I love that finally the world is seeing what I have always known...you are a great person, a wonderful mother, a true friend and most of all...a fantastic inspirational artist...I wish I was as talented as you... perhaps I would have created more artistic pupils !! gxx

Rachelle said...

Hello lovely,
Oh it's lovely to see you here again. You have put tears in my eyes with this comment... you are a HUGE part of my journey on this creative path, I don't think I would have started if it wasn't for your encouragement.