f March 2012 - Art Eye Candy

More than words...

I know, 
I did it again...
I went quiet on you.
I'm sorry.
If I'm honest, I lost my mojo a bit this last week.  Maybe it had something to do with organising the house for selling, or maybe it was because I had to pack away all my art supplies.
Whatever caused it, I decided that today I would at least get one box of supplies out and make something, anything.
Boy, did I do that.
I made 10 ATC's.

So rather than me waffle on, I'll just show you.


'Dream Big'

'Dream in Color'

'Fly High'

'I make ART every day'.

'Soar High'

'Lost Love'

'Believe your dreams'

'Wings don't need to match'

'You can'

I LOVE days like this, this is what I dream about, making art as my job.

I still BELIEVE it will happen.

BELIEVing is the key.

Rachelle x


This Colorful Life...

I've just realised how long it has been since my last posting, a whole week, oh I've been neglecting you can you forgive me?
 It's been a funny old time here. 
 We have decided to sell our house and downsize now that the three bigger kids are at college and away from home most of the time.  It seems the sensible option if I think about it logically, and that is the way I have to think.  This was our first home together as a family and I'm sure you can imagine that it holds lots of memories inside it.  We have loved, laughed, screamed and cried here, had our little miss, got married and had lots of fun but it's time to let a new family share it now.  After all, home is where the heart is, so our next should be just as much fun, and a new step on the ladder of our lives.
It's an exciting and emotional time.

With all the house tidying and 'prettying', I've had no time to make art (I had to pack all my supplies away) but fortunately before all the madness started, I did make this...


This was the collage 'quilt style' background that I made for the piece... I love the 'make gifts' bit, I think that when you make your art that that is just what you are doing.

I added some gesso (to make it more receptive for drawing on) and drew a chick with a marker pen.

Here she has been colored in with pencils and then I stuck a layer of handmade paper over the top (like I have done with some of my other older pieces)

She got painted in watercolor, don't you just love how it bleeds into the tissue.  The color also comes up really bright because it allows the color underneath to show through as well.

Here's a little eye detail to show you how the paint bleeds.
I like the unpredictability of it.

So the good news is that we have now chosen an agent to sell the house and so I can get my art out again and get back to creating.  I really miss it when I can't do it, it definately affects me, I feel like I'm missing something.  I'm looking forward to getting painty fingers again.

Just before I go to get my supplies out, I wanted to tell you about my lovely friend and her little blog.  If you read the feature on WHOA that I did, you might remember reading about a special friend of mine who has really inspired me, she is a wonderful writer and has just started a blog.  I know she would love a few more followers and visitors and you would love (and laugh at) her weekly musings.

Stop by and say 'Hi'

Have a lovely colorful weekend 

Rachelle x


Making a mess...

This week, I have been messing around.
Messing around with papers, stamps, paint and pencils.
Sometimes it's good to let go and just play without having a finished product in mind. I think my mind was too full thinking about what to do about my last portrait (see last posting) so it was great to mess around and as for the portrait, I've decided to just leave her as she is.

Here's the product of my mess...

that's basically it.


Rachelle x


All Woman...

Today is International Women's Day,

it's OUR day.
Chicks Rule.

Here's a little tune to play whilst you read

I'm working on something larger at the moment.
It was after making my latest faces (see the last post) that I thought about doing this.
I'm really enjoying going back to my original way of working and using lots of collage as a background layer and then working on the top.
I love the effect where you can still see the background images slightly through the paint, especially when you have stuck down cool things on the canvas.
You'll see what I mean later...

I found an unwanted picture in the house and decided to paint over it and use it for my new face. 
 It's bigger, it's 32"x32" so a bit different for me.
But hey, I'm always up for trying something new, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't matter.
I think this one is working though,


this is the collage layer (or most of it), I stuck things I like the look of, or that I like the color of.
I even stuck and old photo of me, a train ticket from my trip to see my son the other week, and some of my daughters scribbles.  Oh, and a little Dorothy sticker (the cool stuff), can you see her?

I sprayed the collage with some watered down acrylic paint - I have these very cool little spray bottles, they are from Ranger, and are great for mixing some color sprays. So much cheaper than buying ready made sprays.

I did a bit of writing (my intentions) in a marker, added some painted stamps and rubbed in a little white gesso.  Gesso makes the surface nice for working on with your pencils later.

I've sketched the face on here, just in pencil, then I went over the line in a marker pen.

In this one, I have started adding more gesso to the face for highlights etc.  
I've still tried to keep the background visible in places too.

This is where she's up to now.
I'm sitting on her for a bit, I'm a bit unsure about the background and her hair yet.
Decisions, decisions.

If you want a little closer look,
watch this quick little video,
maybe you will have a little idea about the background.

Rachelle x


Making Faces...

Don't you just love it when everything comes together.
I'm feeling good today.

It's a lovely sunny (but cold) Monday here today and although I haven't been outside yet, 
I have taken advantage of the lovely light thats flooding in.
I've been busy busy, I've done four small postcard size mixed media pieces.
It's amazing how much I can get done when I sit down to do it (without distractions of course).
I get 'into the zone' and the time just flies.
I don't even think about food - and that has always got to be a good thing right?

I'll shush now and show you.

She's got a collage background, just random stuff,
 then she's been painted on and topped up with color pencils.
From a distance she looks as though she has been done with pastels but I can assure you it's just crayons.

This one is just paint, marker pen and pencils.

This one is like the first I showed you, collage background, pencil crayons etc.
The only difference with this one is that I used more paint, especially gesso.
I like the effect very much, and I really love how the crayons have worked out on the surface.

This was done the same way...
think this is my new favorite way.

I'm really loving these,
I think I can feel a new 'direction' coming on.

Rachelle x


Picture Post...

Just a little picture post today...

mixed media

close up of a little mixed media ATC

collage ATC

this is me trying a little left-handed drawing aka Tim's Sally style.

I've been busy planning for some online courses
(in Starbucks naturally)
I'll post here once they are set up and ready to go.

This is just what I INTEND on doing.

Have a lovely weekend.

Rachelle x