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Make more Art...

It's been a really lovely weekend.
The sun was shining, 
I made some art, 
my son was home from college, 
and we had some lovely food.
(especially the dinner cooked by Mr.P - well he IS a chef)


I might have mentioned this in a previous post, I can't remember if I did, but I'm going to be doing my very first sale of my stuff.
I'm going to be having a little stall, first at a ladies coffee morning at the local golf club, 
then at an Art and Craft fair in a few weeks.
This is very exciting, but it does mean that I've got to get really productive in the meantime and make loads of lovely 
Art Eye Candy.
At least the blog will look pretty.

I'll show you everything that I do of course, and whatever doesn't sell will go in the Etsy store. 
(guess I should add a link, I'll put it in the SHOP page at the top)

So here is something I prepared earlier.


This is the 8"x 8" stretched canvas background.
It's been collaged and had a little paint added.

I did my outline for the chick in graphite pencil.
(be careful though, it gets very smudgy)

I painted her face with acrylic paint and added some more collage to her dress and hair.

I went over the face with that silk hand made paper that I use a lot, 
and painted on top with my watercolors.  The extra bit of detail was done with my very beloved pencil crayons.

And her is how she looks...

Ta Da.

I can't decide if she is finished yet (which probably means she isn't)
so she is sitting on my table where I work until I 'see' what needs to be done.  
I'll paint the sides of the canvas too, maybe whilst I do that I'll get some inspiration.

It's tricky to know when things are 'finished', but hey, that whole topic could be a blog post in itself.
I may write a post about that...
but right now my time is filled with creating.
(my favorite kind of time filler)

I've got tons more to show you but I'll let you wait till tomorrow.
ooh, talking of tomorrow,
I may have something else to show you that I'm quite excited about,

Rachelle x

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Susan Burgess said...

WOWIE RACHELLE!! I want some of your prolific pills! Great new stuff loved the song video too! Hugs, Sanna