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Little Tweet...

'I'm nothing without a dash of pattern'

I decided to do something a little different today, by different, I mean not a girl.
I've been doing a lot of girls lately but I thought that today it was time for a different kind of chick.
(see my little play on words there)

Yes, I know, don't give up the day job Rachelle.

So anyway, I made a little mixed media bird.  
I wanted something cute, colorful and quick.

I'm actually making a few quickies to sell at an Art and Craft fair,
It will be my very first one...
Art Eye Candy on a stall, could be cute.

A little nervous though.

There I go again, wandering from the subject...

I made another little stop motion movie to go with the bird.


I LOVE these little videos, 
they are like taking photo's then it's all squashed together to make a little film.  
Very cute.

Here's a Little Tweet close up.

If you were wondering,
it's the size of a post card.
I was given a pad of blank postcards by my son, they are really heavy quality paper and great to use watercolors and do mixed media on.
I'll be using them all up very soon.

oh, and the ink doodles that I did the other week after coming out of the hospital, 
were on the same paper too.

I'm off to add more Art Eye Candy to my Etsy store tonight, I've been SO SLOW in doing it.
Oh I'm so naughty sometimes.

Tweet Tweet

Rachelle x


Lura said...

love you, love everything you do, just hoping you are taking it very easy and taking care of yourself! hugs,lura

Anonymous said...

Just adore the video....Always something special

Renee! said...

Fabulous! Great post...

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Wonderful little videos! :)