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A little bird told me...

It wasn't until yesterday that I noticed this, 
then a friend pointed it out to me, 
since my visit to the hospital all my 'girls' have had sad faces.

It's not been a conscious effort on my part to make them look sad,
 it just seems to have happened.  
Even if you look back on the faces in my last post (which were all done whilst in hospital), you have to admit they do look quite sad.

My friend Sharon Marie said to me that she believes that your art shows how you feel, or bares your soul, and I actually think that there may be something in this.

A long time ago,
when I was 29, I found out that I needed a pacemaker.
it was completely out of the blue and a HUGE shock.
I was almost at the end of my four year Teaching degree and life was sweet.
As things unfolded, it meant that I would have to take a year out of college and have the operation etc, then return the following year to complete my course.
As anyone probably would do, I just 'got on with it' and kind of put my thoughts and feelings to the back of my mind.
It wasn't until I returned to my degree and had to complete my final Art assignment, that it all came pouring out in my work and art journal.
The art was very 'serious'
and the journal,
that reduced my tutors to tears when they read it.

I still have the work that I did then, and looking back at it, I can see exactly what Sharon means.

The art did bare my soul without me even realising it,
but more importantly than that,
it did HEAL me.

So after that little interlude, perhaps I should show you the art from yesterday that she was talking about.


this one made me smile, I even turned her mouth up at the edges to suggests a smile, but she still looks sad.

Oh well.

And do you know the strangest thing...
I actually feel quite happy at the moment too.

So my conclusion in all of this is...

Art moves in mysterious ways.

Rachelle x

P.S  all these little doodles were done in ink on textured watercolor paper.

P.P.S  Thank YOU to my lovely friend Sharon Marie, your heART is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

We escape into our art, so I think it's only natural that it ends up reflecting our state of mind, whether we intend that or not - and especially if we do a lot of faces. I think it's awesome what you achieve and set your mind to; just make sure you keep the pace of things healthy and manageable. xo

Anonymous said...

Rachelle I am so sorry to hear this. I have often thoughts it as I look at your beautiful art - like the drawings have far away distant looks about them. You really have had a tough time. Hope your inner sould can soon find the peace and happiness we all strive for. H x x x

Deleting My Cººkies said...

I did notice that your girls looked a little sad when you were in the hospital. I felt you were sharing more than art with us. I loved every one of them because you shone through them. You obviously wear your art on your sleeve (I know, I know, a very bad pun). Samara

Peg Pritchett said...

Rachelle, I appreciate your being so open. I too have a pacemaker, it was put in when I was 30 and like you it was unplanned and all happened really fast. Art has helped me cope in many ways and many times in my life.
Hugs to you heART sister :)

Susan said...

Rachelle, I noticed the sad faces as soon as you posted them. Figured you were telling us through your drawings what you couldn't/wouldn't say in words. Interesting how you weren't even aware of what you were doing. Ahh, the healing power of art....

I'll be watching for when your girls smile again. Hugs and more hugs, XO Susan

rachel awes said...

i LOVE your art.
all of it.
all the tones.
+ this soul quote/photo
is awesome.
love to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful girls in all of their expressive moods--they are beautiful! Wishing you healing and health.

Coleen said...

Good read, Rachelle. Hope you are getting stronger all the time. Keep doing art. Prayers with you.
Hugs from Ukraine, Coleen

Trish Bee said...

I love your sad girls, maybe you need to draw your girls sad so that you can heal and live your life with happiness, its your souls way of releasing that sadness inside of you so you can be free.

Creatively yours Fi said...

Thanks for sharing Rachelle, I can't imagine the news that "I needed a pacemaker at 29!!" So young. Your girls do appear sad at the moment, and Art is mysterious (how lucky are we to be free enough to immerse ourselves in it:) I love your optimism though..it's obvious in all your postings and blogs and shines brightly xX Fi