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I am an ARTIST...

This is me...
I am an ARTIST.

There, I said it,
so it must be true.

The really great thing is that I'm beginning to feel like one, whatever that means.  
My thoughts seem to have switched to all things arty instead of work and seriousness.
I'm back dreaming in color again, 
I can just feel it.
I'm constantly thinking up ideas for backgrounds, books, doodles, web classes, paint mixes...
the list goes on.

I'm very excited for the future.

Speaking of the future,
at least the near future, I'm still busy getting ready for my first ever stall.
So far I have made prints, some gift cards, printed a couple of cute tote bags, some little mixed media covered journals and I'm adding some finishing touches to some of my canvases.
I'm hoping that I'll have enough variety for everyone.

I was reading Kelly Rae Roberts blog last night, and when she started, it took her 2 years to get from nothing to writing a book.  That's my dream, I'm following my KRR dream.
She had a sale once upon a time too.
(if you want to read what I was reading CLICK ME)

here's some of my prints.

I'm really excited about my business cards too,
they arrived this morning just in time for the sale.


Serious Art Eye Candy.
They are so yummy, you even get to print a different picture on each one.

And just before I leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend (and carry on with my stall prep) 
I wanted to show you this,

I made this new print...
it's now for sale in my Etsy store
YES my Etsy store.
I've been adding more stuff. 

Go see here... GO SHOPPING

Rachelle x


Ursula said...

Rachelle, I Luv your work! I tried following one of your videos, but it didn't come out nearly as nice as yours. No worries though, it inspired me to come up with a new idea for using Photoshop. And I made a video from the experience. So, yes you are an artist, and an inspirational one!!! Keep on creating!!!

Joyce van der Lely said...

Rachelle, Go for it GIRL !!!!!!! I am fully supporting your jumping head first into the ART pool ;)
I hope your stall will do well, I know you will be sharing with us all. I am also heading into the same direction, just on the other side of the world.Exciting, scary all at the same time and sleepless nights, because even at night my technicolour dreams don't stop. Love your art. Best of luck my arty friend xoxo

Baxter's Mom said...

Yes! You are an ARTIST!!! And, a very good one!

Rachelle said...

Hi Ursula,
Good for you for having a go at the video. :) that's greta to hear. Your idea with Photoshop sounds intriguing too, I don't have that but it is something i'd love to learn.
Thank you for your lovely comment, I feel like an artist now.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hey Joyce,
thank you for these words of encouragement! youre right it IS scary AND exciting.

Good luck with your arty adventures too.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi there,

Oh I'm blushing now...thank you so much.

Rachelle x