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A Free Spirit...

making backgrounds...

Today started with me wondering what to do.
I have my 3yr old princess/assistant at home with me this week, 
it's half term holidays at preschool, so it's not been so easy to get started with arty things.

She was in the mood for being creative, so I decided to get some backgrounds done so that at least when the time came I would have things prepared and ready to work on.

That's when it hit me,


What I mean is, when I am getting down to making something wether it's a page in my journal or a full blown canvassy thing, I think too much about it.
I think about colors, 
will it look right,
 will people like it, 
will I like it, 
will that go with that, 
will the glue show through, 
will the paint run, 
will it be bright enough...
 don't even get me started on that 'other voice', 
you know the one I mean, 
the doubting one.

Sshh, if we don't talk about it, it doesn't exist.
(a bit like Voldermort).

What ever happened to me being a Free Spirit?
Where is my inner child?
 (at least in the arty sense)
I don't even think it was actually that long ago when I last felt it - the freeness you know.
Ok, well maybe when I was doing my art degree, 
but even then it was quiet and not on show.

It wasn't until today when I was sitting making things with my 3yr old that I noticed her Free Spirit.
She is so refreshing to watch when she is painting.
She paints with flair and recklessness that is wonderful to see.
She doesn't care if her orange runs into her turquoise, or her water spills over everything.  
She just turn's the page and starts again.

Miss P working in her art journal.

This is what I got up to whilst she was busy


My lesson for today...

be a little reckless, you can always turn the page.

Rachelle x


*~ Aurora Brierley ~* said...

I love this post! I like you wonder where my free spirit has gone. I tend to over analyse everything. I ask those questions you listed and more perhaps. Sometimes we have to remember to be .... free and create.
Thank you for reminding me that everything does not have to perfectly manicured... that's what mass factory production is for.... our hands, our minds... they are unique and alone to be who they want to be.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, firstly your lil girl is beautiful wow all that hair i love it shes a stunner.
I try to keep the be free mantra to the forfront of my mind when doing art, but simply because having a four and a five year old (both boys) who love to art and seeing how free they are made me realise I can take a leaf out of their books and just flow with it, if i dont like it then i can change it, being free is over half the fun :)

arttage said...

she's a pretty lil girl! I think youn should win the love challenge! Beautiful doings and beings! Great sekf lesson tooo yuou are always an inspiration tome and by the way love your accent too! Sanna

Creatively yours Fi said...

I'm the very same Rachelle!! Very inspired by my Three Yr old's freedom don't want her to lose it!! I get reckless and then feel i have to fix it up :)?

Barbara Moore said...

Thank you for this wonderful post today! I've truly enjoyed it and you are so right in your thoughts. We all need to be a little more free and worry less.

Hugs XX

Ophelia said...

I live your blog!!! Your artwork is si beautiful and so colirful! Thanks for sharing such a great post!