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Dedicated to you...

Anything is possible 
if you 
believe it is.

Just this last week, 
whilst being in the hospital having lots of tests on my heart, 
I have been overwhelmed (and overjoyed) at the messages and prayers that people have offered me, and what started out looking as though it might be a really bad week turned out to be a great week for GOOD NEWS.

What I am really meaning here is to say a 
(from the bottom of my HEALTHY HEART)

Thank You.

Thank You to each and every one of you who left a lovely message on my last post,  
Thank you for saying a prayer, Thank You for sending positive vibes.
But most of all, Thank you for believing that it would all be ok.

I'm very pleased to say that it is.

(I'm still on what might be a long road to recovery, but it feels GREAT to have you all with me).

That's why I have decided that this post, and all the Hospital Art Eye Candy in it,
dedicated to YOU,
my lovely blog friends and followers.

shall I show you what I did?


you know what I'm going to say now
don't you?


Rachelle x

p.s. please excuse my 'not so great' photo editing on this post, I usually like them all to be the same size etc, but hey, I was in hospital  lol x


Peg Pritchett said...

So happy to hear the good news Rachelle! Savor your own bed and it's non-hospital scent :)

Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

What a beautiful post!! So glad you are home:)


Barbara Moore said...

I'm so happy for you Rachelle! That is just wonderful news indeed! I pray things get better and better for you.

Hugs XX

Susan said...

Happy healthy good heART!

Dawn said...


Selah Gay said...

MY Heart Is Stronger Because Of You!!! May Your Heart Be Stronger Because of ALL OF US Who Love You!!! Selah <3

Bev said...

hey being in hospital is no excuse for not getting the sizes right lol now i have my whip out lol

bug hugz bev xoxox

Susan Burgess said...

You fill my heart with happy joy too! God bless you on your road to recovery and yeah! Hugs always love seeing you magnificant art! Sanna

Theresa said...

Great to hear all is well Rachelle! Loving the vibrant happy creations you've somehow found time to share:)

Choka said...

glad to hear your out of hopsital and i love the pictures you've painted, they are such positive images.

Becca said...

Beautiful art! Glad you are out and doing better.

Creatively yours Fi said...

Wow you are an inspiration Rachelle! Keep getting stronger xX

Rachelle said...

Hi Peg,
yes it is really great to back in my own bed again and to be able to sleep all night without buzzers going off.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Jenelle,
Thank you. It's such a huge relief to be back home.
Thank you for all your support and well wishes
Rachelle xo

Rachelle said...

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for stopping by the blog, but more importantly Thank You for your thoughts and prayers.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Susan,
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Thank you Dawn.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Oh Selah, that's a lovely thing to say... you almost brought a tear to my eye.
Thank you SO much for your continued love and support, I really appreciate you, my very fabulous FB friend.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

hey Bev, I can always count on you to make me smile... I must get better LOL
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Oh Sanna, I think you and Selah are trying to reduce me to tears with all your lovely comments... Thank You SO much for your support and friendship.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Theresa,
it's lovely of you to stop by the blog. Making the art in the hospital really helped me to keep calm and happy - even if I did get some funny looks sometimes.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Choka,
Thanks, they really helped me to get through it all. i'm glad you like them too.
Thanks for stopping by my little blog today.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hello Becca,
Thank you for visiting my little blog, it's SO good to be home again, I've seen far too much of that hospital recently lol.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Oh that's a lovely thing to say... thank you.
Rachelle x