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Day Trip...

Part of 'The Lady of Shalott' (1894)
oil on canvas
John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing this beauty,
 in all her fabulous glory when I visited Leeds Art Gallery with my son.  
It's such a magical piece...
If you want to see more of this artists wonderful work 

it was nice to have a day away, a bit of a break from home and typing book proposals, and spend a day with my son who is away at college.
I took the train rather than driving and it was really great, much more relaxing.

passing the wintry hills on the train, it was snowing a little too.

After almost two hours, I finally arrived in Leeds for a day of shopping, 
lunching and of course a little art.
A girls gotta have her art fix.

Here's some tasty snaps of my day in Leeds.


Look at the shop window, I HAD to show you this...
it's full of antique sewing machines.
How fabulous.

This was one of the paving stones on the ground outside the art gallery.
Love it.

Sadly, I missed who this was by, but she was lovely.
A reclining nude sculpture.

Dame Barbara Hepworth
it's called 
'The Poet Reading to his Children'
Oil and pencil on board 1948.

Here's a close up...


Find out more about the artist

 There was even a place to 'play' and make your own art.

My boy and I both had a scribble...

All in all,
it as a perfect day.

I'm feeling the benefits today,
aching all over from all the walking.

Must be my age.

Rachelle x


lee said...

Just watched your videos on the face, and was really impressed, loved them, really concise and easy to understand.

Creatively yours Fi said...

Thanks for sharing Rachelle, looks like a wonderful day full of eye candy! :)