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Candy Treats...

This little post is packed full of Art Eye Candy...
Are you ready?


Mixed Media ATC

Mixed Media ATC

Mixed Media Mini Canvas

Mixed Media Mini Canvas
(watch the tutorial)

Mixed Media Journal cover 


Journal Cover

(wip - acrylic painting)

(the blue bit is going to be a frog - eventually)

I've been really busy, 
 I really wish this was my full-time job I REALLY do.

Ok, if you were taking close notice of the little bits under the images, you might have noticed that I mentioned about a tutorial.
Well here it is, talking and everything.

Make a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy.

If you remember, 
I also mentioned that I had some exciting news.  
Well I am very honored to be the featured artist on W.H.O.A (Women Helping One Another). 
 Thank you so much to the very lovely Jenelle for inviting me.

To visit W.H.O.A, and read the feature

And finally,
just to finish off, I wanted to show you what arrived in the post.
(it's for an online course that I'm going to take soon from Tim's Sally)

Ooh lovely stuff.

Rachelle x


rachel awes said...

LOVE the spine of it all.

Anonymous said...

Love the tone and depth of your work! New York is going to eat you up! ;)

Renee! said...

Lovely! Eye candy is right... thanks for sharing!

Rachelle said...

Hi Rachel,
Thaks so much for such a lovely comment!
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Emily,

Oh thanks! New York... LOVE that place, the last time I was there was 2yrs ago. I'd LOVE to show there. Oh it's good to dream.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Renee,
That's so nice, thanks!
Rachelle x