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Be Reckless...

Doesn't the weekend come around again fast?

This weekend I've got my lovely boy home from college.
It's always great to see him, and this time he has brought his art journal too.
I kind of love that he is creative.

I think we will probably spend the day sat around the table creating stuff together (and of course with Little Miss).
How heavenly.

Since the other day, when I was learning my lesson on being a little carefree, I have been trying to approach my art with that in mind.  I made two things.
The first is a little chick who is based on my own Little Miss P.


She's pencil, watercolor and a little crayon and ink pen.

Then, I made this,

I was a little more wild and experimental,
I even took the time to dry my paint in between colors to get the shades really bright.

I really quite like her.
I'm definately going to use this 'reckless' approach to my larger princess painting that I started a while back.

Here's a little (very quick, a little too quick really) video for you.
Don't blink or you'll miss it.

I feel like I have found my mojo again,
 it's finally returned after being in the hospital.

Woo Hoo.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

And who said you can't wear a ballgown, 
winter coat, taira and shades?

Look how fabulous they go together.

I can learn a lot from her.

Rachelle x


Lisa D. said...

Man, that was quick : ) But still enjoyable.

Have a great weekend

Barbara Moore said...

Have a wonderful weekend Rachelle!