f February 2012 - Art Eye Candy

Happy Bunny...

I'm exhausted.
Exhausted from excitement, not sleeping and lots of butterflies
Today was my very first art sale ever.
Yes, ever.

After making art for the past year I finally got round (and found the courage)
 to take my stuff to a little sale to try and sell some.
To be honest, I didn't really know if anything would go,  not because I don't think my art is good enough, but because it was at a ladies coffee morning rather than a pure art sale and you never quite know what will sell.

Well the great news is,
Woo Hoo
(doing a very happy dance)

Oh I cannot begin to say how good it feels to sell something that I have spent time and care making to an actual person standing in front of me.

The best thing about today was some of the lovely feedback that I received about my art.  It was almost as lovely as the super comments that you lovelies send me here.  Feedback, both positive and negative, is a wonderful thing.  It really shapes where I take my art. 

I'll show you a couple of  pictures of my stall,


It's the first time that I have ever set up a table, it was ok, but I learned lots of things for next time.
This was actually a great 'test run' for me. 
 I'm going to spend 10 minutes tonight making a few notes about what I need to do this properly.  
I've got 'the bug' now.

I had prints (the ones in my Etsy shop), canvas's, cards, tote bags...
the cards with the original art on where the bestsellers.

So after all the excitement of today, and hopefully a good nights sleep tonight, tomorrow I'm meeting a friend of mine to discuss filming some tutorials so that I can start offering online classes.  He's a professional photographer so it won't be me and my less than wonderful filming abilities. hee hee, I'll keep those for YouTube.
I'll keep you up to date with info as soon as things are in place but I'm really excited about this possibility.

Ooh things are happening...

I even managed to fit in a journal page yesterday whilst I was looking after my little miss. 
(she was feeling poorly all day)
We were watching Princess and the Frog, does it show in my page?

It's still not finished, but it's ready to journal in now.

I cut the frog from a magazine, he just seemed 'right' for the page.
Perhaps I'll journal in there tonight.
(that's if I can keep my eyes open)

It feels good,
I'm a happy bunny tonight.

Rachelle x


I am an ARTIST...

This is me...
I am an ARTIST.

There, I said it,
so it must be true.

The really great thing is that I'm beginning to feel like one, whatever that means.  
My thoughts seem to have switched to all things arty instead of work and seriousness.
I'm back dreaming in color again, 
I can just feel it.
I'm constantly thinking up ideas for backgrounds, books, doodles, web classes, paint mixes...
the list goes on.

I'm very excited for the future.

Speaking of the future,
at least the near future, I'm still busy getting ready for my first ever stall.
So far I have made prints, some gift cards, printed a couple of cute tote bags, some little mixed media covered journals and I'm adding some finishing touches to some of my canvases.
I'm hoping that I'll have enough variety for everyone.

I was reading Kelly Rae Roberts blog last night, and when she started, it took her 2 years to get from nothing to writing a book.  That's my dream, I'm following my KRR dream.
She had a sale once upon a time too.
(if you want to read what I was reading CLICK ME)

here's some of my prints.

I'm really excited about my business cards too,
they arrived this morning just in time for the sale.


Serious Art Eye Candy.
They are so yummy, you even get to print a different picture on each one.

And just before I leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend (and carry on with my stall prep) 
I wanted to show you this,

I made this new print...
it's now for sale in my Etsy store
YES my Etsy store.
I've been adding more stuff. 

Go see here... GO SHOPPING

Rachelle x



This is me.
It was taken around 1980, I mean look at that hair.

This was when I remember being really confidant in myself and my ability to draw 
or make just about anything I imagined.
It felt good to be so carefree.

When people talk about finding your 'inner child' in creating art,
I guess this is the girl that I'm always looking for.
It's as if she's just one step away, but she's definately walking in my direction now.

I know this to be true,
you can even see it in my art.
(if you scroll back through some of the blog archive)

I've come a long way since I started on this journey, 
actually it's not a journey, it's more a re-awakening.
I've come a long way all the same.

Can you tell I was in a bit of a 'serious' mood? 

I journalled it out


This isn't quite the whole page but you get the idea.
I don't often show my journal pages, well not this type 
(the ones where I pour my thoughts and feelings out) but I thought I'd share this.

I don't know if you can see it but I stamped the words
"living my life like it's golden" (just near the sun).  These come from one of my favorite songs, the lyrics are just fab.  It's by Jill Scott.

Have a little listen whilst you read the rest of this post...

Do you like it?
I LOVE the INTENTION in the chorus.

(this is me too)

So I'm still busy making for my sale next week,


This is an 8" x 8" canvas, covered in some of my own collage papers.
So far she has been pencil crayoned, stamped, and had a marker pen outline.
Today I'll be adding some collage to her hair.

'Believe in yourself'

Time to get those paints out,
no rest for this girl.

Rachelle x

(living my life like its golden)


Candy Treats...

This little post is packed full of Art Eye Candy...
Are you ready?


Mixed Media ATC

Mixed Media ATC

Mixed Media Mini Canvas

Mixed Media Mini Canvas
(watch the tutorial)

Mixed Media Journal cover 


Journal Cover

(wip - acrylic painting)

(the blue bit is going to be a frog - eventually)

I've been really busy, 
 I really wish this was my full-time job I REALLY do.

Ok, if you were taking close notice of the little bits under the images, you might have noticed that I mentioned about a tutorial.
Well here it is, talking and everything.

Make a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy.

If you remember, 
I also mentioned that I had some exciting news.  
Well I am very honored to be the featured artist on W.H.O.A (Women Helping One Another). 
 Thank you so much to the very lovely Jenelle for inviting me.

To visit W.H.O.A, and read the feature

And finally,
just to finish off, I wanted to show you what arrived in the post.
(it's for an online course that I'm going to take soon from Tim's Sally)

Ooh lovely stuff.

Rachelle x


Make more Art...

It's been a really lovely weekend.
The sun was shining, 
I made some art, 
my son was home from college, 
and we had some lovely food.
(especially the dinner cooked by Mr.P - well he IS a chef)


I might have mentioned this in a previous post, I can't remember if I did, but I'm going to be doing my very first sale of my stuff.
I'm going to be having a little stall, first at a ladies coffee morning at the local golf club, 
then at an Art and Craft fair in a few weeks.
This is very exciting, but it does mean that I've got to get really productive in the meantime and make loads of lovely 
Art Eye Candy.
At least the blog will look pretty.

I'll show you everything that I do of course, and whatever doesn't sell will go in the Etsy store. 
(guess I should add a link, I'll put it in the SHOP page at the top)

So here is something I prepared earlier.


This is the 8"x 8" stretched canvas background.
It's been collaged and had a little paint added.

I did my outline for the chick in graphite pencil.
(be careful though, it gets very smudgy)

I painted her face with acrylic paint and added some more collage to her dress and hair.

I went over the face with that silk hand made paper that I use a lot, 
and painted on top with my watercolors.  The extra bit of detail was done with my very beloved pencil crayons.

And her is how she looks...

Ta Da.

I can't decide if she is finished yet (which probably means she isn't)
so she is sitting on my table where I work until I 'see' what needs to be done.  
I'll paint the sides of the canvas too, maybe whilst I do that I'll get some inspiration.

It's tricky to know when things are 'finished', but hey, that whole topic could be a blog post in itself.
I may write a post about that...
but right now my time is filled with creating.
(my favorite kind of time filler)

I've got tons more to show you but I'll let you wait till tomorrow.
ooh, talking of tomorrow,
I may have something else to show you that I'm quite excited about,

Rachelle x


Be Reckless...

Doesn't the weekend come around again fast?

This weekend I've got my lovely boy home from college.
It's always great to see him, and this time he has brought his art journal too.
I kind of love that he is creative.

I think we will probably spend the day sat around the table creating stuff together (and of course with Little Miss).
How heavenly.

Since the other day, when I was learning my lesson on being a little carefree, I have been trying to approach my art with that in mind.  I made two things.
The first is a little chick who is based on my own Little Miss P.


She's pencil, watercolor and a little crayon and ink pen.

Then, I made this,

I was a little more wild and experimental,
I even took the time to dry my paint in between colors to get the shades really bright.

I really quite like her.
I'm definately going to use this 'reckless' approach to my larger princess painting that I started a while back.

Here's a little (very quick, a little too quick really) video for you.
Don't blink or you'll miss it.

I feel like I have found my mojo again,
 it's finally returned after being in the hospital.

Woo Hoo.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

And who said you can't wear a ballgown, 
winter coat, taira and shades?

Look how fabulous they go together.

I can learn a lot from her.

Rachelle x


A Free Spirit...

making backgrounds...

Today started with me wondering what to do.
I have my 3yr old princess/assistant at home with me this week, 
it's half term holidays at preschool, so it's not been so easy to get started with arty things.

She was in the mood for being creative, so I decided to get some backgrounds done so that at least when the time came I would have things prepared and ready to work on.

That's when it hit me,


What I mean is, when I am getting down to making something wether it's a page in my journal or a full blown canvassy thing, I think too much about it.
I think about colors, 
will it look right,
 will people like it, 
will I like it, 
will that go with that, 
will the glue show through, 
will the paint run, 
will it be bright enough...
 don't even get me started on that 'other voice', 
you know the one I mean, 
the doubting one.

Sshh, if we don't talk about it, it doesn't exist.
(a bit like Voldermort).

What ever happened to me being a Free Spirit?
Where is my inner child?
 (at least in the arty sense)
I don't even think it was actually that long ago when I last felt it - the freeness you know.
Ok, well maybe when I was doing my art degree, 
but even then it was quiet and not on show.

It wasn't until today when I was sitting making things with my 3yr old that I noticed her Free Spirit.
She is so refreshing to watch when she is painting.
She paints with flair and recklessness that is wonderful to see.
She doesn't care if her orange runs into her turquoise, or her water spills over everything.  
She just turn's the page and starts again.

Miss P working in her art journal.

This is what I got up to whilst she was busy


My lesson for today...

be a little reckless, you can always turn the page.

Rachelle x