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Vision Journal...

My Vision Journal

After a restless night's sleep, I've rethought the journal again. 
 If you remember, I said that I wasn't going to continue with BOD but instead, 
was going to make the journal my own.
I've thought again, and rather than it just be a 'regular' journal, I decided to make it my Vision Journal.

What's one of those? I hear you ask.
Well it's pretty much like a vision board, but instead of having a board, you have a book.
And if your not sure what a vision board is, it's basically a 'tool' to help you visualise your wishes and what you want from your life. 
For instance, if you want to focus on health and well being, then you would add images, 
phrases and words to do with health and keeping healthy and keep this somewhere where you would see it every day.  If you want wealth, then you choose images and prompts that show that etc etc.  What I'm saying is of course a 'simplified' version of a vision board, (you can google it for many websites that show you exactly how to do it), but what I will be showing you is how to make a Vision Journal based on my wishes for this year. (you can easily adapt it for yours).

now we are decided, 
here goes...

You have seen the finished cover (look up).
Now for the rest.

I put my wishes inside the cover, so that I can be reminded of them and focus on them every time I open up the journal.

My plan is to use these wishes as my journal prompts for each double spread.
(still haven't finished working that page yet)

Then last night, I made the next page and just filled it with personal prompts to reinforce my wishes etc.  I worked in my usual mixed media, and I even used my marker pens as well. 
(they are growing on me now)


I added one of my 'faces'

Some vintage style Art Eye Candy and a little cut up quote.

Lots of prompts and scribbles.

More prompts including my theme word

If you put all those together,
this is what you get...

My finished prompt page.

et voila!

The next one that I do tonight will be a double spread, 
and I'm thinking it will be around my wish of writing an art book.  It's funny, I think about this a lot, I even have a book proposal form on my desk and yesterday, I was asked by 3 people if they could buy my book...



Rachelle x


Chellesky said...

Its a great cover for your visual journal will be following your progress now that Ive joined your blog, happy creating :-) Michelle from willowing

Kristin Dudish said...

Hooray - way to put your word into action (and so beautifully)!


p.s. "Believe" is my word this year too :)