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Time to get moving...

'Move more'
(with altered colour way)

I thought todays spread was going to be a bit tricky to do.  
After all, it was about my INTENTION of doing some daily exerscise, and that's not really my idea of major fun.
It is something that I really do NEED to start doing, every day, no excuses.
(especially when one has a dodgy ticker)

I wasn't sure if I was going to draw something, or someone keeping fit or if I was going to do a collagey thing.
I decided to go down the 'vintage' road and make a mixed media type collagey painty spread with motivational quotes.

Here's how it went.
(quite well I think you'll agree)


I used some of my scraps to collage the pages and did this across the whole double spread.

i worked on top with inks, acrylics, gesso and a stencil mendhi pattern.

(right hand page)

I added a vintage chick on a uni-cycle, well it IS about keeping fit.
The quote came from a fitness quotes page via google and I think they work really well with the image.

(left hand page)

These quotes came from my own little ideas,
I like how they are almost telling me what to do.
Ooh so bossy.

I used watercolour paints to add a splash of colour to the vintage chick, and I wrote little ideas around the page edges with my marker pen.

here's a couple of shots with the whole spread...

Ta Daaa

So that's another spread done.

Now, what shall I choose for my next?


Rachelle x


Jenelle said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing your process:)


Susan Lobb-Porter said...

Love the spread, love the process. Thanks for sharing.

Now go exercise!

Rachelle said...

Hi Jenelle,
Great to see you here again and thank you for your lovely comments.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you for stopping by the blog today, it's nice to see you here again.
I'm glad you like the spread, I like to show the process every now and then, I like to see things come to life.
Rachelle x

Anonymous said...


Viann said...

Thank you.....I will have to try some of your things.........(*(*)