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Last night as I cleared away the Christmas cards, I came across one that was sent to me from my work colleagues.  I decided that rather than throw it away in the recycling box, that I would recycle it myself, in an arty way.

Take a look at what I did...

It's lovely isn't it?
It's Mary.
I love religous art, I'm sure it's down the studying Art History, I love the iconic style and symbolism in the paintings.

I collaged the whole image.
The background is my favorite bit, I love how it almost looks like stained glass, it was actually just scraps from magazine pages.  Oh, and I used a tissue for her dress.

I added a little Art Eye Candy quote
(cuttings from a magazine)

I added a few rub-ons and a layer of tissue paper.
I love the textural quality of the image like this.

She's been worked at with pencil crayons and given a lovely coat of gloss medium.
So much brighter now.

Ta Da

She's finished.

I love how she turned out.

I have something really nice to show you,
better than the card,

This video was posted by the very lovely Alease who bought my 'Hold On' piece for her daughter.
How lovely of her to post this video.
She had me filling up when I watched it.
So kind.


Rachelle x


tessyluv45 said...

so pretty!

Envisage Vintage Jewelry said...

Love your process and how you take something normally thrown away and turned it into art! Very fab!

Rachelle said...

Hi Lovelies,
Thank you SO much for stopping by the blog today. I couldn't resist altering this card rather than throwing her away and I think she's really cute! I'm going to mount her in a little frame and put her in the shop.
Hope to see you both here again soon
Rachelle x

Second Sunday said...

this is so cool, I love it!