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Sharing is Caring...

Ooh it feels good to get the paint brush out again after all the digital art that I have been making the last few days.
Today, I finished the Faces page in my art journal
I made another YouTube tutorial to go with it.

I even managed to finish off another digital lovely (that I had started last night).
Busy, Busy, Busy.

So, it's time to get a comfy chair, grab a cuppa, and settle down to watch this...


It's the final part in my Faces tutorials,
I feel like I'm giving all my secrets away,
but it does FEEL GOOD

Here's a few snaps that I took whilst making the video...

Adding the watercolor paint.

with the pencil crayon added.

I'll probably put together another video about what to do with the face once you got this far,
 I just need to give that a little thought first.

Remember I said that I'd made a digital image too,
here it is.

I do LOVE making these but I am still really slow at it.
Hopefully I'll speed up before my eyesight goes !

Hope you enjoyed the little video,
Thank you ALL for your continued support.

Rachelle x

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