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Monday Magic...

Add a bit of sparkle to your day...
get your gold glittery hot pants on.

This Monday (today) is considered to be the most depressing day of the year, 
or so the morning program on tv reported.  
It's the day when the bills arrive, it's still a week before payday, and it's post Christmas frolic.
Well I have to disagree.

So far today (and it's only 2:18pm) I have made, 
an ATC for a swap,
finished a journal page,
primed and started to plan out a canvas,
covered a baby's board book with gesso.
And the best bit about this is...

I still want to carry on and make something else.

But before I do, how about a little 'Show and Tell'.

My Valentine themed ATC.
I made this in my 'usual way' of layering papers, tissue and paints etc. 
Then I finished her off by adding embossing powder to the heart and melting it.
LOVE it.
In fact I love it so much that I might make a few...

This was one of my wishes for my Vision Journal.
Do you remember the 'Gratitude' post?
It was going to be about that (gratitude), but once I had started to write in the background with my markers, it became more of a thing about being able to make art every day.  I'm happy with that, although I'm still not too overjoyed at the girls face and I still might go back to that sometime.

Here is how the spread looks...

The other thing that I'll show you started as a bit of a whim.
I just felt like I wanted to do a painting for a change.

I found (reclaimed) an old shop bought canvas from the boys bedrooms and decided that it would be perfect to use and transform.
It's quite big too, which is a change for me as I usually work reasonably small.
The other thing that is different is that I have decided to approach it in the way I was taught at college rather than dive straight in with my mixed media stuff.
I'm not 100% sure that I'll stick with the formal methods, but for now at least, they seem to be working.


I started by 'plotting' out the figure using watered down acrylic.  
I used the paint to draw what I wanted just in the same ay you would with a pencil.  
You can see where I was even 'loosely' measuring the facial features out.

I used the same acrylic wash to block in some shading.
That strange looking line down the head was already on the canvas.

I started to add colour washes, still in acrylic, to parts of the face and dress etc.  
You can still see the darker shading, this is so it can be used to build up layers for shadows later.

This is almost all of the canvas.
She is wearing a crown at the moment too
that might change.


1. The sun is shining
2. I'm making ART
3. My bills are paperless !

Rachelle x


Liz said...

Such a happy post! It is contagious as is your enthusiasm! Have a wonderful day. xo

Anonymous said...

I love your blue lined girl! she is faboulous!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Angelica Escalera

Baxter's Mom said...

I love the gold glittery hot pants!!! And, really all of your Art!!!

Coleen said...

Well Rachelle, I'm following you in both spots now. I thought I was already, but I guess that was just on FB. Come visit and I hope you'll do the same.
Happy 2012,

Coleen in Ukraine