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Journal your Intentions...

This year,
one of my true wishes
to write a book
 about ART.
(mixed media art to be exact)

I know that there are tons of fabulous Art books around and lots of those are about mixed media stuff, but I think I have a great idea for one and its quite different to what I've seen so far.

So very soon, 
as soon as my little miss returns to preschool, next week in fact.
I am going to write my book proposal and start sending it off to publishers of art books,
cross everything, 
and see what happens.

You never know until you try right?

So as I explained yesterday, I made my latest spread about writing a book.
For this one I used lots of my own collage papers that I'd made by making colour copies of sections of other pieces of my art, and of course it's mixed media.


This is the top left corner of the page.
I wanted to show you this because I wrote my intention here, 
and that's REALLY important in a vision journal, 
you MUST write your intentions if you want them to come true.

This is the top right corner.
I did the same sort of thing here too.
LooK, I'm using my marker pens again.

This is the left hand page in one piece, remember I made a double page spread for this one.
Do you recognise the face?
She's my doodle chick that I did last week, 
she's been enhanced on the pc and given a new hairdo!

Here's the right hand page in all its glory...

And here, 
although I couldn't show it flat with my camera, 
is the whole spread.

Cutie close up.

Im a big believer in writing/journalling/drawing your intentions.
It put's it out there,
and not only that, 
but it put's it IN you.

I just wanted to share one last thing with you,
last night whilst doing some bed-time reading, 
I read this...

(it felt like it was talking to me)


Rachelle x

p.s. the next spread will be about getting published.


Diane said...

Love everything about this post--you are inspiring--and I'll be waiting for your next post.
(I love art books, and I believe you can never have too many!)

Petie said...

Love your blog, love your post and LOVE your art!! I don't journal but you're inspiring me! xoxo

Joyce van der Lely said...

Me too I believe in writing or journalling or drawing/painting intentions. Me too I have many big plans for 2012, have been busy working on them already too. Can't wait to see yours fall into place ! Lets make sure we keep persuing those dreams !

PrettyDays Studio said...

i love everything about this post, especially the art....this one is just my favorite....
I hope your dreams will be true this year

Anonymous said...

Committing your intentions to words on paper [or a blog!] is a powerful thing... I hope your wishes come true this year. Maisy xo

Lura said...

you CAN do it! maybe someone will see your donation at CHA and ask you to write one....wouldnt that be something! wishing you love and luck.

Second Sunday said...

I love love love the graffiti style!