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Journal Time...

I have finally got around to starting to add to the altered book that I prepared to start the Book of Days. 
 I have now decided not to do the BOD,
 but instead do my own, 
and set it around my wishes for 2012.  
I think that this will make it really personal to me, and I can follow my own prompts and structure. 
 I can go where I 'feel' that it is taking me.
(well, that's the plan)

I printed off the 'Believe 2012' that I made at New Year, I'm still sticking to the word, that IS my word for this year.
I decided to collage the background in that patchwork/stained glass window style that I used on the recycled Christmas card.

Almost done.

I kept to 'jewel brights' for my colour theme.  
I didn't plan it, it just happened that way.

Collage all finished.
(it's not finished yet, I still need a tissue layer and to work on top with my crayons)

I stuck my wishes into the inside cover and I'll work into this page too, 
once the glue dries.

As usual, I didn't work alone today.

My little apprentice was on hand working in her journal and offering her very direct opinion 
(wether or not it was asked for)...
and sing a few songs to keep us entertained.

Oh to be 3 again.

Rachelle x


Kaz said...

gorgeous work rachelle and I just adore you little helper!! looks like shes gonna be following her talented mum xx


Rachelle said...

Hi Kaz,
she's art mad... I love her play approach and how she's not afraid to use a lot of glue ! Lol
Rachelle x

Bev said...

wonderful Rachelle and shes a sweetie bless her but as to being 3 again 30 would be good for me and know what i know now lol love your blog its on my google reader....

Lisa D. said...

Great cover...best of luck with the new journal.

My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

Hi Rachel

love it! Believe is such a powerful and appropriate word for 2012, mine is Strength and I definitely think after seeing this, I'll make a book too now. I've been stuck on a theme for a special book for myself for the last few nights and now I've seen yours, a Strength Journal is just screaming at me. Off to gesso the cover before I go to bed :)

Helen x

Barb said...

Love your journal cover's bright and cheerful colours! I also love it when my grand daughter "plays" with me in "the art room" as she calls it...vbg

Rachelle said...

Hi Bev,
she's a real JOY and a right handful. LOL Thank you for stopping by to say Hi.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your comment, this journal 'feels right'.
Hope to see you again here soon.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Helen,
Strength is a powerful word... Im really glad I was able to share in your inspiration, I hope it goes really well.
Now get that gesso out! lol
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Barb,
Thanks for visiting my blog, Im really pleased how the cover came out, reminds me of a patchwork quilt now.
Hope to see you here again soon.
Rachelle x