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Get Published...

Oh how I dream of opening the pages of Somerset Studio
(or any of the Stampington magazines)
and seeing my stuff.

I have had a long time love affair with this magazine, 
it's been going on for years, 
since 2003 when I bought my first copy.
(and yes, my husband knows...)

I am sending in some items to the publishers in the hope of getting published.
I've even decided to send off my Vision Journal once its completed.

Better get on with it then...

was the page for getting published...

I made myself some collage papers from old issues of the magazine and I used this as a background over the double spread.
I figured it might make the INTENTION stronger.
(and it looked pretty)

I cut up an image of one of my pieces for the face,  
I even made a mini copy of Somerset Studio with me as the featured artist.

I worked into the background quite a lot, with different media, 
mainly acrylic paints and crayons.

you have to add prompts/quotes for exactly what you want to happen.

This is the top left corner and most of the page.

Featured Artist.

The right hand side.

This is the spread over the two pages.
(I realise that the time is also right for me to perhaps get a better camera)

So that's two spreads done,
a few more still to go.  I'm so glad i made the journal about this...
it feels the right thing to do.

I think the next one will be 
about keeping fit
(ok, moving a little more)

Rachelle x

P.S.  I'm donating some of my Art to Charity Wings and it will be auctioned off at CHA at the end of January, so get down there and grab yourself some Art Eye Candy.

from Brave Girls Studio


Amy said...

I love this page, your art, and your focus on your intention. I can't wait to pick up a copy of this magazine and see you as the featured artist! Best of luck to you in the New Year!

Lori Franklin said...

It will happen!!! Your artwork is wonderful!

Coleen said...

Looks like pretty good visualization Rachelle. Nice job.

Tracy Verdugo said...

Love this Rachelle...such strong and positive intention..you have set the wheel in motion! xox

kae pea said...

wonderful!! And I am very certain that it will happen!! I love that you are so focused and you are inspiring me to reach even higher! thank you for sharing your heart and your art! xokp

Christy Nimeh said...

It will happen in no time at all. Great post! xx

Creatively yours Fi said...

Fantastic Rachelle!! Love the post..wow such positivity...a lesson learnt by me today:) I don't doubt that you'll get published :))

Anonymous said...

Thats got to work! I am a believer in the get what you ask for principle. I will look out for you there! Julie

Petie said...

Fabulous!!! I know this will be your year! You have the talent, the vision, the attitude all you have to do is send it in for submission...you're already 90% to being published. Just add postage!!
Look out world..here she comes!! xoxo

Kristine said...

I am sending positive vibes your way, so this will happen for you, Rachelle ~ I love your work, your ideas and your determination! Push On!

Second Sunday said...

Hi, I found you from Twitter, love your style! I think it would be fun to be in a stampington mag too (though I don't sell anything), good luck! Afer that, on to your book deal right?

Stampington & Company said...

Thank you for sending in your artful project! Although I don't make the executive decisions in the art department, I'm rootin for you from Stampington & Company's Marketing Dept.

Bethany Michaels
Stampington & Company
Blog Manager & Copywriter