f January 2012 - Art Eye Candy

In my thoughts...

Just wanted to let you all know that
 I have had to go back into hospital (with my dodgy ticker), 
and that it may be for a few weeks...

I'll keep popping in, and possibly write a post if the signal allows it, 
no matter what,
I WILL keep making some arty stuff to show you.
(I packed some supplies to keep me busy).

Thank you all for your continued support and well wishes.

Back soon,

Rachelle x

Sharing is Caring...

Ooh it feels good to get the paint brush out again after all the digital art that I have been making the last few days.
Today, I finished the Faces page in my art journal
I made another YouTube tutorial to go with it.

I even managed to finish off another digital lovely (that I had started last night).
Busy, Busy, Busy.

So, it's time to get a comfy chair, grab a cuppa, and settle down to watch this...


It's the final part in my Faces tutorials,
I feel like I'm giving all my secrets away,
but it does FEEL GOOD

Here's a few snaps that I took whilst making the video...

Adding the watercolor paint.

with the pencil crayon added.

I'll probably put together another video about what to do with the face once you got this far,
 I just need to give that a little thought first.

Remember I said that I'd made a digital image too,
here it is.

I do LOVE making these but I am still really slow at it.
Hopefully I'll speed up before my eyesight goes !

Hope you enjoyed the little video,
Thank you ALL for your continued support.

Rachelle x


Digital Delights...

This morning I set myself the task of making a digital image of some kind.
if you have been following the blog, you'll know that this is something that I have wanted to be able to do, but never had the skills or computer software to do it.

That was until I had a bit of a brainwave...
I DO know how to upload images, and there are tons of free photo editing sites on the net.
armed with this encouragement,
I went to work.

I downloaded some images 
(copyright free of course)
 and chopped around their outlines using 
Foto Flexer
to get the page.

This was after I had cut them out
(digitally darling)

After 'merging' them to create my little fairy chick, I went on to work on another site called Picnik.  Picnik is by far my favorite for doing anything digital with your photos, sadly the site is closing in April, but until then you can 

I added one of my own backgrounds and 'merged' the images together again.
She's really bright here but you can edit your colors etc as you want.

I even fiddled around with the background too...
(think that was back in FotoFlexer again)
and I added a little sign.

I added the text
(but kept a copy of the one like this so I can write different things on them)
then went over to another website called
Pixlr-O-Matic to add the effects to the look of the whole image.
to play there.
(just to warn you, it's very addictive once you start)

So these are what I made today...


Cool options don't you think.

But that's not all,

I made a really BRIGHT one too.


well it would be rude not to.

I think I may have found yet another arty addiction...
(poor Mr.P has lost his wife to art)

Hope you enjoyed these digital delights as much as I have making them,
and yes, for those of you who have been asking, they will go into print.


Rachelle x


Dream Out Loud...

It's not always enough to keep it inside yourself,
you need to say it out loud.
You need to Dream Out Loud.


and what's more,

Rachelle x

p.s. I'm sorry it's only a mini post today, I'm not feeling so well, but I wanted to give you (and me) something.
I'll be back tomorrow.


Bags of Candy...

have you ever started seeing double?

Well that's me right now.
my eyes have gone all googley after a day making YouTube videos and blog badges.
It was all worth it though because I have got bags of Art Eye candy to show you.
So grab a cuppa,
get comfy

Here's the latest Art Eye Candy TV video for your viewing pleasure

This is the face with the paint layer added.

and this is with the tissue layer
- love a close up.

I'll probably make the next video next week, and if you are following and want to have a go yourself, print off the face picture on the Freebie Page at the top.
Have fun and have a go.

Look at this....

How delightful is that?!
It's the piece from the other day, but on an iPhone cover, so cool.

You can find this and other lovely Art Eye Candy items in the Society 6 shop if you 

and some more good news...
yes, there is more.

I have started stocking the Etsy shop.
Not only that, but I have made my own blog badges(very proud of those) and hopefully this little blog is beginning to have more of a cohesive look that is
as sweet as candy.

Oh it feels good to finally get things rolling, 
I know it has been a long time coming, 
but it's starting to happen now.
Knowing this makes me happy.


Rachelle x


Learning to Love...

So hopefully you noticed that I changed the blog banner today.
What do you think?
I'd LOVE to know,  I'm not sure if it's a bit too busy...
I just can't decide.

I'll leave it for now and see how things go.

I've had such a busy day today.  
Not that I seem to have a lot to show for it, most of it has been on the computer, but I HAVE been busy.

Arty wise, I made another 'vintage' style Valentine mixed media piece.


I covered the background with paper scraps and then a pink tissue layer.
Oh, and I forgot to say, but I was working on a piece of mountboard.

I added some splashes of watercolor to jazz it up a little.
As you can see, I'm STILL enjoying this bright color phase, it's lots of fun.

I used a beautiful 'vintage' image.

I gave her a lovely splash of  bright watercolor
then, to finish her off,
got a

(and a few words)


But that's not really what this post is about,
it's about my new arty addiction...

editing images and designing web elements.

I never thought I'd ever say this, and I can't believe that I'm about to, 
I really am learning to love all this teccy stuff.
The things that you can do are endless.

It's funny too because I hated it before.
Oh I'm so fickle.

I have some more news too...
I added some stuff to my Society6 shop.
It's another of those things that has been on my 'to do' list like forever (along with Etsy) but I finally got round to it yesterday, hence the missing blog post.

the stuff looks 
and you can buy lots of different things with my art on.


How lovely are they!

I feel like a proud Mum when I look at them.

I'll add the links to the shop page here too, so don't worry if you can't visit today, they will always be here for you.

In the meantime,
I'm off for more adventures in digital land.

Rachelle x


Monday Magic...

Add a bit of sparkle to your day...
get your gold glittery hot pants on.

This Monday (today) is considered to be the most depressing day of the year, 
or so the morning program on tv reported.  
It's the day when the bills arrive, it's still a week before payday, and it's post Christmas frolic.
Well I have to disagree.

So far today (and it's only 2:18pm) I have made, 
an ATC for a swap,
finished a journal page,
primed and started to plan out a canvas,
covered a baby's board book with gesso.
And the best bit about this is...

I still want to carry on and make something else.

But before I do, how about a little 'Show and Tell'.

My Valentine themed ATC.
I made this in my 'usual way' of layering papers, tissue and paints etc. 
Then I finished her off by adding embossing powder to the heart and melting it.
LOVE it.
In fact I love it so much that I might make a few...

This was one of my wishes for my Vision Journal.
Do you remember the 'Gratitude' post?
It was going to be about that (gratitude), but once I had started to write in the background with my markers, it became more of a thing about being able to make art every day.  I'm happy with that, although I'm still not too overjoyed at the girls face and I still might go back to that sometime.

Here is how the spread looks...

The other thing that I'll show you started as a bit of a whim.
I just felt like I wanted to do a painting for a change.

I found (reclaimed) an old shop bought canvas from the boys bedrooms and decided that it would be perfect to use and transform.
It's quite big too, which is a change for me as I usually work reasonably small.
The other thing that is different is that I have decided to approach it in the way I was taught at college rather than dive straight in with my mixed media stuff.
I'm not 100% sure that I'll stick with the formal methods, but for now at least, they seem to be working.


I started by 'plotting' out the figure using watered down acrylic.  
I used the paint to draw what I wanted just in the same ay you would with a pencil.  
You can see where I was even 'loosely' measuring the facial features out.

I used the same acrylic wash to block in some shading.
That strange looking line down the head was already on the canvas.

I started to add colour washes, still in acrylic, to parts of the face and dress etc.  
You can still see the darker shading, this is so it can be used to build up layers for shadows later.

This is almost all of the canvas.
She is wearing a crown at the moment too
that might change.


1. The sun is shining
2. I'm making ART
3. My bills are paperless !

Rachelle x

Beauty all around...

 I didn't make any art, 
I went for a walk in the woods

It's amazing what you can see when you start to 

Rachelle x



Just recently, 
I have started to receive lots of appreciation and interest in my artwork,
 it has really blown me away that people actually like what I do.

The best thing about it, is that it has given me a real 'drive' to keep creating and this in turn has now started the ball rolling towards my dreams, it's quite amazing really.

For once, I feel that doors are beginning to open (artistically speaking) and opportunities are ahead of me, it's so exciting.  
When I started this little blog, last May with my head full of dreams and my new set of pencil crayons, I never expected to be here today sharing my art with all of you (never mind selling it).

I feel very humble at times, 
but most of all, I feel

I decided that the next spread in the Vision Journal would be all about Gratitude.
(it's still a work in progress as I needed a rest halfway through - silly dodgy ticker)

I went for a red head chick.

This is the left hand page with a couple of layers but it's not done yet.

This is how the spread is set out.
Here's 'Little Red' after a bit of work, 
 I'm still not done with her either, especially those lips.

Another thing that I did today was

I think I've mentioned in a previous post about this, 
I had been asked to donate some art for the Charity Wings auction being held at the CHA at the end of the month.

It was something that I wanted to do...
I thinks it's A GOOD THING TO DO.

So today,  a lovely box full of Art Eye Candy, went in the post to the USA.

OOh I hope they like it.

If you want to find out more about Charity Wings, Click Here

I'll be back soon with the rest of this spread, and possibly other lovely stuff too,
before I go,
I wanted to say...

for visiting my little blog.

Rachelle x