f Tis' the season to sparkle... - Art Eye Candy

Tis' the season to sparkle...

Don't you just love a bit of glitter and glam?
A bit of sparkle can always put a smile on my face
 (even when the heating and hot water is STILL not working).

Check out this Art Eye Candy chick that I made for you.
(she's going into the shop too)

I collaged the background of this mini-canvas with leftover scraps from the canvas in yesterday's post.  Do you remember the poem?  Well, you can see scraps of it here, if you look closely.
I gave it all a wash with inks - I was going for a real 'hot' looking background for the hot chick.

How cute is this box canvas???
It's only 4" x 3" x 1.5"

Just adding the bits and bobs here...
and YES she is wearing Ruby Slippers too.
(it would be rude not too)

I added some distress inks and a little glitter as it is the season to sparkle.

Art Eye Candy
Words of Wisdom.

All I need to do now is give the sides a paint, and also a little gloss finish to the fabulous lady.

Don't you just love the quote too?
It's more scraps from my Vogue magazines, they used to be cherished for years when I was studying fashion design, now I just cut them to shreds.

Ah how times have changed.

Whilst I had my ink pads out, I also added some to the other piece that I'm working on.  I'm determined to get it finished by tomorrow evening.  
I'm doing the paint bits tonight - gotta do something to keep warm.

it's still a little wrinkly
oh well.

I'm off to get a hot cup of tea
 cheeky mince pie.
All this typing is making my fingers chilly

 Rachelle x

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