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Something to believe in...

Sometimes you need to hear something.
Sometimes you need to really hear it to believe it, 
to make it happen.

Anything is possible if you believe it is...

After what has been quite a difficult year for me, especially health wise, I have made a decision that next year (but starting from now) will be the start of my time.
If I really want my life to change , then I must do everything in my power to make it change, and what's even more important is that I believe that it WILL.

I feel as though I'm at one of those 'crossroad' points in my life, 
where I have an option which way to go next...

I choose the creativity route because I know this road makes me happy.  
I'd even go so far to say, it makes my soul happy. 
I mentioned a little in one of my recent postings about not using my creativity.  This bothers me (or at least it has for the last couple of years). 
 So now, and ironically through ill-health, I have the chance to make the change.

How exciting...

a little mixed media reminder
(with ruby slippers naturally)

I made this canvas as another prompt.
It works for me, but it would work for you too...

This was just a collaged background.

Here is what it looks like finished.

'Believe it.  It will happen'

(Mixed-media boxed canvas)

I know this posting hasn't been my usual 'tutorial' style posting, but I think that what I have talked about will become apparent in my future work.  
I've also started reading and working through 'The Artists Way' and I'm hoping that this will help me in my quest to live my creative dream.

If you're wondering where Tag 5 is, well don't panic, it's almost finished and you'll be able to see it tomorrow along with Tag 6.

Just remember...

Rachelle x

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