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Short but sweet...

Tag 3
cutie close up.

I'm in a bit of a rush today as my son is coming home for the weekend (from university) and I'm picking him up from the train station. Yay.
But, I couldn't go without completing Tag 3 of my little Advent Tag Calendar Challenge.
today, I used a smaller size tag (for speed) and went with an angel theme.

Here it is...

I used the same process as last time (it's basically how I always do them) and added a little Christmas sparkle.  
You might notice that I also used some of my vintage Christmas stamps again too.  
Remember those from 'Elf Yourself' post?

I haven't got round to making one of my Art Eye Candy chicks but I'll do that later this evening and post her tomorrow along with Tag 4.
Phew I'm a busy body...
It's great to blog about it, and in particular with doing the Tag challenge, it really keeps me focussed and ensures that I do something 'arty' every day.  
Blogging certainly helps with the discipline
 (and I always need help in that area).

Here's some little Art Eye Candy of the christmassy variety
(from my house)

Ho Ho Ho
It's off to the station I go.

Rachelle x


bev said...

I love Tag 3! Thanks for sharing these tags with me. Hope you have an awesome weekend and find some quality time to spend with your son. You don't look old enough to have a child in college...so young looking yourself.

Rachelle said...

Hi Bev,
Thanks for visiting the blog, and leaving such a lovely comment. My son stayed for a few hours longer than expected, leaving later tonight. He's home for Christmas next week. Bless you for saying how young I look :)
best wishes
Rachelle x