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Only two more sleeps...

Only two more sleeps...

I'm getting excited now.

Hope I'm on the nice list :D

My Little Miss is well aware that Santa is coming and shouts it out at least once every hour.  She did however point out a small problem today, we don't have a fireplace. So tomorrow, we will be placing a MAGIC key in a special place outside for the big man to use.

She is prepared though, she has her reindeer food at the ready, complete with glitter to twinkle in the moonlight.

She 'made' this at pre-school.

We had some good news today too,
hopefully the heating is fixed.

It only took 6 engineers 7 days...
they should have sent a woman.
Hee hee.

The bad news today is that I didn't manage to make any art to show you.
I know, 

So instead, I thought I'd show you a little snap of our Christmas Tree.

There, Christmas Spirit has resumed.

All is good with the world,
and now for another

(I know I'll regret this soon)

Rachelle x

p.s I almost forgot to mention, I'll be starting the Book of Days with Effy Wild on January 1st, and yes, I'll be posting everything that I do here.  Love my little 'show and tell'


Petie said...

Love your post!! <3 <3 <3

Rachelle said...

Hi Petie, good to see you here again.
Only two more sleeps... Can't wait.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Rachelle x