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On the 4th day of Christmas...

Cutie close up...
Tag 4

Where has the day gone?
Actually, it's been lovely and even better, I've done loads of art.
It's just taken me all day to get round to blogging about it.

I made Tag 4 for my 24 Advent Tag Challenge, 
it was only a small one and I was a little slow on the inspiration, 
but I think it worked out OK.


Tag 4
Ho Ho Ho...

I didn't 'do' too much to this one, mainly just adding colour and glitter, but it looks really nice with the other three tags.  

See what I mean?
They all 'go' together really well with having a vintage vibe.
These are the first ever 'vintage' things I've made and I really like doing them even though I feel like they are not really using my creative skills so much... or is that just me being silly?
Maybe it's because I didn't have to get my acrylics out... who knows.

I just hope that I can keep it going to get to 24,
but thinking about it now, I could make a 'shrine' style tag with a window for 25.
mmm, got me thinking now.

I'll mull it over a while.

After doing the tag, I thought that I might as well make one of my Art Eye Candy Chicks.
This one started with a leopard print background and an inspiring little quote,

and it ended with a pair of Ruby Slippers.
Well what did you expect from me?

This is just a sneaky peek because today's posting was just to show off my tag.
This little lady will be back in all her full glory tomorrow, along with another little lovely.

See you then
(ruby slippers optional)

Rachelle x

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