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Join the club...

I have some exciting news today...
I started a little club.

Actually it's a little facebook group where I can start to post some tutorials, offer some freebies and other bits and bobs like a weekly challenge and generally have a fun time.
Here (on the blog) is where you will see ALL of my artwork, only snippets will be on the club page, but as I have said before on many posts here, my real DREAM is to teach and make art all the time and I'm hoping that this is another step along the way.

I'm really excited about how things are beginning to change for me, especially where my art is concerned, 
and I'd like to share some of it 

Sharing is caring.

Rachelle x

p.s  If your wondering where the art is... don't worry it will be up tomorrow, 
(I'm working on something right now).

p.p.s Woo Hooooo  we made 100 followers.  THANK YOU so much to everyone...
Now did someone say Giveaway?