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It's all in the preparation...

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today.

Today, and for most of today, I made a new blog header and even added some pages.
It amazes me that I've actually managed to do it.
I'm SO not technical.
What do you think of the new look?

In between my outbursts of technical wizardry, I also managed to fit in something arty.
After missing yesterday due to feeling a little off-colour, it was really great to get back to it today.

I've been working on a few things actually.

The first is the girl that you can see above...
At the moment, she is not finished, and I also need to 'do' the rest of the canvas that she will be going on.  If I start the background layers tonight to allow for drying time, then I should manage to finish it off tomorrow.
So far, she has been drawn in 6B pencil, then painted with acrylic paint, covered in the silk paper and painted with watercolour paint.  I painted the watercolour whilst the glue was still wet on the silk paper, so the paint bled quite a bit.  I like it.

For those of you wanting to know about this 'silk paper' that I keep mentioning (I still don't actually know the real name) I thought I'd show you a picture of it.
Hopefully a picture might help...

The one I'm using at the moment has stars in it, not that you can see them when I use it, they make no difference.  You can see the paper texture though, it's really soft.

The other thing that I've been working on is some journal backgrounds.  It's been so long since I did any journal work but I figured that if I prepared the backgrounds, I would use them.



inky and acrylic


As they say 
'it's all in the preparation...'

Let's hope so.

Rachelle x

p.s.  I updated the 'About Me' and 'Contact' pages, come and see.


Susan Burgess said...

Love the draumatic feel of the face and the black background! Fantastic blogging so far!!! Love jhearing about the process and want me some of that star silk paper too, where did it come from?? Sanna

Mother Hen said...

Well done lady, your links work fine now xxxx

thekathrynwheel said...

Lovely new blog header, and as a complete technophobe I am really impressed! Lovely journal backgrounds too - look forward to seeing then finished!

bev said...

Your blog site is brimming with awesome goodness Rachelle. You have done, might I say as always, quite an awesome job! Congrats!

fiddlehead said...

Oh my....I love this. And your blog! I just came by for the first time this morning and will be following. Love your work.

Rachelle said...

Oh my, what wonderful comments... thank you all so very much!
Sanna, I get the paper from my local craft store, next time I go I'll take a closer look for the correct name for you.
Mother Hen, I'm glad they work ok now, it's great to connect with you here too.
Hi Kate, how are you doing? I'm so pleased with the header, even though it did almost take me a whole day Lol.
Bev, thank you for stopping by again, it's always nice to see you here. I'm so glad you like my work/art.
Finally, HELLO to fiddlehead, thanks for finding my blog and following me, it's great to meet you here.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Rachelle x