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I'm loving angels instead...

So as you can probably work out, 
I didn't quite manage to get around to making today's Tag,
 I made something else. 
 Something better.
I made a beautiful (blowing my own trumpet) angel mixed media piece.

This little picture is only part of it.
I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I was thinking about doing the tag, but to be honest, it didn't fill me with too much enthusiasm today.  Perhaps I've had a little 'tag overload'.
I remembered that my son had a few box canvases in his room that he'd said I could use.  
So use one I did.
If you remember in an earlier post this week, I was talking about believing and reaching out for your (my) dream.  I wanted this piece to be about that.  I'm beginning to slowly feel a little undercurrent of interest in my work now.  Its almost as though I can feel good vibrations.  Does that make sense?  I feel as though something good is about to happen, and I want to keep myself open to all possibilities.
 (can you tell I'm a fan of Kelly Rae?)
anything is possible...

So here is how I made the piece.
Lots of pics, not too much chat.

I covered a rectangular canvas in paper scraps.
(you can see my journal behind it)

I worked into the background with paint and ink pads.

Close up !

I made the wings with a print out from the web, covered in inks and then LOTS and LOTS of layers of acrylic paint and more inks.
Oh, and you see the little strip of green spotty paper in the right of the image, well that's what I used for the angels dress.  You can't even tell it was green on the finished piece.

This is the face at about the half way stage. She started as a pencil sketch (shaded in) then I added LOTS of layers of acrylic paint, silk paper, watercolour paint, more acrylics and then pencil crayons.  
The finished face has around 4-5 layers in total.  
Oh, and I always use a dry brush with the acrylic, I like the textured look it gives.

oops it's a little blurry...

I used a sponge to add the shading with blue and pink acrylic around the edges of the face.  It was to try and make it stand out from the background.

Here she is all finished (and still wet and wrinkly).
There are three little quotes on the image, you can only see two here, the third at the bottom of the picture says 

'you know what to do'.

And I think that I do.

Rachelle x


amy said...

this is really awesome. the face has been painted So Awesomely.

Bev said...

fab love this Rachelle..have added u to my google reader...

hugz bev

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Ohhh, I love it! I really liked seeing the process pics too. Following you now and looking forward to seeing more. :)

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Lovely piece! I enjoyed seeing the process!

Susan said...

Beautiful! Love to see so much creativity!

Sonja said...

Just had to go visit your blog after seing your painting at FB mixed media :) Great painting, it's fun to see how it all started.

Rachelle said...

Thank You to Bev, Amy, Susan, Kim and Jen... Thank You so much for your lovely comments ladies. I'm so pleased that you like what I do. Thanks for taking the time to visit my little blog, and especially for following me. I love to create and I'm more than happy to share what I do with you.
Hope to see you here again soon...
Rachelle x

Sigga Dis said...

Rachelle, your work is just beautiful, your faces looks so real and the colors are perfect.