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If you follow me on Facebook, you will be aware of my ongoing problems with the gas boiler. 
No heating and hot water for sustained periods since Friday. 
Well today, as told, I waited from 8am until 1pm for the engineer to arrive... 
(this is now the 3rd engineer)
I waited, and waited, and waited.
No joy.

It turns out that the engineer called to the wrong address, then followed that up with a call to the wrong number... really?!
So here I sit again, waiting...


To try and distract myself, and bring back the seasonal cheer (and keep warm) I decided to get on and (almost) finish the next piece.  
This was the face that I did last week I think, and the canvas that I worked on for the last couple of days. So at least something positive came from a very cold negative.

I'll show you what I got done...

dress close up
(it looks yuck close up)
the dress again but tilted away from the light.
(I used some metallic poster paint)

remember this face?

I think this is where I started placing all the 'elements' together.

There's still a bit of detailing to do, I'm not sure the piece is balanced right yet.  What I mean is, the bottom is quite dark, and the top looks light - it needs to be more even.

But she IS looking rather fabulous.


what a beauty.

Oh how I love it when a piece starts to come together.

Ho Ho Ho

Rachelle x


tessyluv45 said...

I just love your art! She is beautiful!

Coleen said...

She's just lovely Rachelle. I'm already following. Hope you make the 100 quick. I know you will.

Rachelle said...

Hi tessyluv45,
Thank you for visiting my little blog, I'm really pleased that you love my art, hope to see you here again soon.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Coleen,
thank you for following the blog, it's always good to see you here. 100 followers coming soon.
Rachelle x