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Fly my pretty...

For once it seems that I'm stuck for words...

So unlike me, especially when I have a keyboard in front of me just waiting to be tapped.

How about I just go for a little 'show and tell' and see if that gets me chatting some more...

I made a little collaged background on a piece of mount board.  I just used magazine scraps and a bit of paper tape.  Then, like yesterday I added some texture with acrylic paint, sponging and printing it, just to pick out some of the colours from the scraps.

After all this, I drew a face onto paper and layered it up (like the angel from Friday's post). 
 This time I went for collaged hair in the style of pink dreads.

And here's a cutie close up

I really like the 'soft' effect that you get from the silk paper.  
I put this on top of her acrylic painted face, then I work on top of that with watercolour paint and pencils.
I think she's a bit cross-eyed but we can't all be perfect...

Oh and I'm thinking the neck still looks a little 'tree trunkish'.  Maybe I'll do a little more work there.

Before I go, take a look at these little lovelies...

My Ruby Slippers tree ornament.

How FABULOUS are those?

So that's it for today, short but sweet, and yes I know... the tags!
I'll catch up with those whilst watching x-factor 
(my guilty pleasure).

Rachelle x


Jenelle said...

Love your blog! Your artwork is always amazing - never heard of the silk paper technique. Love the result :)


Coleen said...

Nice Rachelle, and love the ruby slippers. so cute. btw, on your "Live Travel Feed" widget, Kiev, that's me in Ukraine. Don't know why it doesn't give the country.

Rachelle said...

Hi Jenelle,
Thanks for stopping by, I'm really pleased you like my blog and artwork. I got the silk and tissue paper idea after having problems working on top of acrylic paint with pencil crayons. I guess I 'discovered' that little method. Lol.
Rachelle xo

Rachelle said...

Hi Coleen,
Good to see you here again. I though that was you on the feed!
Thanks for stopping by.
Rachelle xo

Petie said...

Thanks for sharing how you did this. I've never done that with the silk paper but I love the effect. What is silk paper and where do you get it. I always think I must have all the supplies I need but there's always something else!! lol I love her eyes and I don't think she's cross eyed at all..Love your art!!!

Rachelle said...

Hi Petie,
Thank you for stopping by :) The silk paper is handmade paper, it's really soft almost like fabric. i just buy it from my local craft store, I'm going again soon so I'll make sure to get the 'proper' name for it and put it in a post for you.
Thanks for your lovely comments about my art.
Rachelle x