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Create Yourself...

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas,
 hopefully without too much drama and stress,
 but with LOTS of lovely festive food and holiday goodness.

I don't know about you, but at this time of the year, in between Christmas and New Year, 
I always feel a little bit in limbo...  
Sales shopping is not really my idea of fun, and money gets a little tight, so I try and look for 'free' ways to have fun or just to pass the time.

The good thing about this year, is that I have 're-found' my art.  
After what has possibly been the worst ever year for me health wise, it has turned out to be the 
ever year for getting back to my art. 


I've obviously been a very good girl this year too, because Santa brought me lots of lovely arty goodies...

a sewing machine.

Now I can add some stitching to my mixed media stuff.
(that is if I can remember how I used to do it)

I can't wait to clear the table space to set up my machine...

and get 


(just as soon as I've had another chocolate)
Well, it still IS Christmas.

Rachelle x

'Happy Face'

p.s Thank You to my Mr.P for helping Santa choose such Fabulous gifts for me.


Shilpa Artyshils said...

Awwww.... So happy for you :-) May you have a gr8 year ahead and may you have the best time of your life creating :-)

Shilpa / Artyshils

candledamachine said...

Oooohhh!! Santa WAS good to you this year!! YAY!!! Lovely things, those! Here's to a healthy and creative year for you! ~*Cheers!*~

Barbara said...

Me thinks you had a stupendous Christmas! You must have been a very good girl this past year to get that high up on the "Nice" list! lol May your New Year be a creative one for you.

Hugs XX