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Cold and frosty morning...

It's really gone cold now.
This morning we were greeted by hail stones, winter is definatly here, but I'm waiting for the snow.
Don't you just love the snow?

I'm a day late with my Tag 5 so this morning you've got two for one. 
(remember if you would like to see how to make them, just go back over the last couple of posts from December for a step-by-step tutorial).
I made these the same way as the others, in fact I'll probably make the rest using the same method too.
Here's the close ups...

Loving that glitter so much...

Tag 5

And here is the tag for today...

oops!  my glitter went everywhere

I still don't know what to do with them once they are finished. 
Any suggestions?

I'm busy working on another little Art Eye Candy Chick today, so if I get her finished, I may even do another post later tonight.

Double bubble.

Rachelle x


Catherine Bolton said...

Have a special tree for them and they can be used as an advent tree in many years to come x

Jenn said...

Very cool--tags--as in gift tags? They would sure make that look unique!! Cheers, Jenn

Coleen said...

Hi Rachelle, Following you here, but was actually already under Networked blogs so now I'm in both places. I have both on my blog too. Hope you'll come by and follow. That reminds me to come back to visit.
Blessings on your 100,

Coleen in Ukraine