f Christmas is coming... - Art Eye Candy

Christmas is coming...

It's December 1st...

time to open the advent calendar and eat your little chocolate treat.

Or, there is an alternative...

Whilst looking at Twitter yesterday, I came across a tweet from the very talented and fabulous Tim Holtz.  He was starting a 12 Tags of Christmas challenge.  
I must admit that I've not completely read his guidelines, but it did spark an idea with me. 
 Why not make 24 Tags?  That way it would be like and arty advent calendar for next year, it could be used for display, or it could be given as a lovely gift. 
 But the best thing about the idea is that I get to make something arty every day 
(and I'm always looking for any excuse to do that).

After rummaging through my boxes of stuff - I'd say art supplies but I think 'stuff' is perhaps a better description, I found some tags (all shapes and sizes).  
I decided I wanted to go for a 'vintage christmas' theme for them and so I trawled the web for some vintage christmas images. (the doll comes from The Graphics Fairy) .  
I added some watercolour paint to colour the girl, then a top layer of tissue followed by pencil crayons and a little glitter.

Here is my first little effort...

Tag 1

(still waiting for it's ribbon)

I'm very pleased how it came out, very festive don't you think?

As usual, I got completely carried away with the joy of making and I decided to have a go at something 'Erin Smith ' style. 
 I LOVE her crazy images and quotes. 
 I bought a little canvas from her collection on my recent trip to Florida, it sits in my study and I love it. 
 I love that mix of vintage and modern.

I'd made some cardboard hearts the other night (whilst re-taping the shelf sitter) and decided to use one of them to make a little ARTEYE CANDY lovely.

I printed a vintage image of a lady, cut her out carefully and collaged a leopard print tissue to her for a dress.
I collaged the heart with fancy paper and added top layer of Mulberry paper (silk paper) to add colour to the  background.
I cut some butterfly wings and painted them with watercolour (and the lady). Then I assembled them all together.
I finished with my usual layer of tissue paper and pencil crayons and a little splash of glitter paint.

She is so fabulous...

Im going to make her into a hanging (when I get some wire and beads), so I will need to do the back too.

here she is...

'Fabulous Girl of the Moment'

Cutie close up.

My two Art Eye Candy lovelies.
(they make me feel happy inside)

I'm desperate to make some more but I need a few supplies first (for embellishments) so I'm off the the craft supplies store for some goodies... I'll be good.

Rachelle x

p.s If you want to find me on Twitter I'm @AnArtfulBlogger

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