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Believe in the magic of Christmas...

'Believe in the magic of Christmas''
Tag 2

So far so good.
 Yes, I know it's only day two of my self imposed 24 Advent Tags Challenge, but it's going ok.  I've worked out a good time each day that I can use for making the tag, so unless something really unexpected happens, I should be able to complete all 24 of them.

This time, I took process shots (requested by my FB friend Sharon),
 so here goes...

These are some of the supplies that I gathered...
Vintage images, vellum printed quote, tag, a little round tag for the number 2, and my new pot of glitter.

I worked on the background first... makes sense right?
I just used PVA glue to stick some papers 
(it's still wet here)

I covered the tag with a layer of white tissue paper to soften the background.  then I stuck the girl, some little butterfly wings, and the disc tag.  I coloured the wings with watercolour paint.

I used water colours to paint on a little christmassy outfit and hat.

I covered the tag in yet another layer of tissue.  Ooh and my new sparkly glitter.
( I use tissue a lot, it makes for a good surface for pencil crayons and it softens the overall look of things).

Here it is...
Tag 2

(it's been worked on with pencil crayon and had a coat of gloss medium)

I've still not got the ribbon for the tie but I like it.

And yes, I DID make another little mixed media heart too.

(once I get started)

Here's how I did her....(more photo's, less chat)

(the tissue paper layer)

'Authentic Diva'

Isn't she just fabulous.
I want to make lots of these now, I might even hang them from the tree (for now).

And just look how lovely they are together.

I'm loving the gold hot pants.

 I'm off to chop up some magazines for my little quotes...

see you tomorrow for 

Tag 3.

Rachelle x


cookievf said...

hi! just popped over from fb ~ love the process photos and stepped out tutorial! VERY PRETTY! I can see the heart collages for gift tags, mounted on cards and yes, even ornaments..
- vicki xo

bev said...

Both of these tags are awesome Rachelle...can't wait to see tag 3. I love the way that you use tissue paper on these...very creative idea!

Rachelle said...

Thank you ladies, you both have fabulous taste! :)
Nice to see Vicki, a FB friend and 'hello' to you too Bev. I'm always happy to share my art, and making methods, I'm looking into making some YouTube tutorials soon. :)
Rachelle x