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Behold an Angel...

It's really cold and windy today.
The perfect day to stay inside, keep warm, and make something arty.

It's day 7 in my Advent Christmas Tag Challenge.
I actually managed to get ahead of myself a little last night, I made number 7 and 8.  
But don't get too excited, I'm only showing number 7 today.

This one is a little Christmas Angel.
I used a vintage image of a ballerina for my angel and used some christmas paper for the background image. 
 I like how she is almost 'cradling' Father Christmas in her hands. 
 Look closely and you'll see it.

I added a little embossing powder to her dress, not because I wanted an embossed surface, I did it because I liked the colour of the glitter.

Oh, and I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but the numbers on each of the tags (apart from 2) come from a Tim Holtz sticker book. 
 I just add a little more distress to them.
The reason the number 2 one didn't is because there didn't appear to be a number 2 on the page of number stickers - strange.

Here is the tag in all it's glittery glory...

Glittery gorgeousness...

I can't wait to show you tomorrows Tag, it's really cute.
But I'm going to be a Scrooge and make you wait another day.


Rachelle x


Mother Hen said...

Beautiful x x

Cynthia Hanna said...

This one is as scrumptious as the others! I'm really enjoying this series of tags. Although you're trying to make us think you're a tease or a Scrooge, I'm not buying it because you're nice enough to share a little bit about your process :))