f December 2011 - Art Eye Candy

Out with the old...

What a year 2011 has been.

This year has been filled with ups and downs (rather too many downs) but it's finally coming to a close.
On the upside, 2011 was the year when I rediscovered my LOVE for art and things all creative. I have grown in confidence and now, as the New Year is about to happen, I am ready for whatever 2012 holds in store.
I actually can't wait...

I have a feeling it's going to be a good one.
Actually, I feel it's going to be a 

I have been thinking about making resolutions,
but rather than the usual 'lose weight' (that never happens) or 'join a gym' ones, 
I decided to write a list of 12 wishes and things that I wanted to happen.
(and probably have more chance of sticking to if I'm honest)

I thought this would be a more positive way of approaching the new year.

Here's what I came up with...

12 wouldn't fit on the list, but I got it on my journal page.
 (I'll show you that in a mo).

I think these are realistic, don't you?

To make doubly sure that I stick to them, I added them to my journal page...


You can see my number 12 too...
it's to write a book about ART.

yes, I know


but then you should.

So there's really only one thing left for me to say...

See you in 2012

Rachelle x

Say Cheese


Oh happy day...

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary...

So today, I'll not be up to too much arty wise, but I am getting a few things prepped to do a little 'show and tell' tomorrow.

The most exciting news today is that I finally did it...
I finally went and made a little YouTube video.

it's not great, well not bad, but not great if you know what I mean.
It was REALLY complicated to do (uploading and editing without instructions etc) 
but it's out there now for you, and the world to see.

Phew, I feel... BRAVE.

So brave in fact that I'll even talk on the next one, now that's really brave!

Shall I show you?


but no giggles.

Its a short ish clip showing me collage the girl from yesterdays journal page that I showed you.

Hope you like

Fame at last :)

Rachelle x


Now is the time...

New Year is almost here, 
and it's that time when most of us start thinking about making some new year resolutions
 or some kind of plan at least.

I've been thinking a lot lately...

I have often posted about my dreams and hopes for the future,
but now I feel that THIS is the time to seriously plan what I really want to happen
follow it through.

This year, I'm going to do a few things differently.

I'm going to choose 12 goals 
(12 for 2012)

I'm going to write them down.

the most important of them all is that I'm going to 

I'm going to BELIEVE that it will ALL happen.

I made this little ATC today with 'Believe it' as my prompt.

Here she is all finished.
She's actually for my Art Eye Candy Club challenge (from FB).

I also started working on a journal page, the one that I will use to write my 12 goals.

Here are a few shots of the 'work in progress'

Believing is clearly a theme for me...
Isn't it funny how themes can jump out at you.

Funnily enough, it's also the word I chose for the Book of Days that I'll be starting on Jan 1st.


Now is the time.


Rachelle x

Join the club...

I have some exciting news today...
I started a little club.

Actually it's a little facebook group where I can start to post some tutorials, offer some freebies and other bits and bobs like a weekly challenge and generally have a fun time.
Here (on the blog) is where you will see ALL of my artwork, only snippets will be on the club page, but as I have said before on many posts here, my real DREAM is to teach and make art all the time and I'm hoping that this is another step along the way.

I'm really excited about how things are beginning to change for me, especially where my art is concerned, 
and I'd like to share some of it 

Sharing is caring.

Rachelle x

p.s  If your wondering where the art is... don't worry it will be up tomorrow, 
(I'm working on something right now).

p.p.s Woo Hooooo  we made 100 followers.  THANK YOU so much to everyone...
Now did someone say Giveaway?

Create Yourself...

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas,
 hopefully without too much drama and stress,
 but with LOTS of lovely festive food and holiday goodness.

I don't know about you, but at this time of the year, in between Christmas and New Year, 
I always feel a little bit in limbo...  
Sales shopping is not really my idea of fun, and money gets a little tight, so I try and look for 'free' ways to have fun or just to pass the time.

The good thing about this year, is that I have 're-found' my art.  
After what has possibly been the worst ever year for me health wise, it has turned out to be the 
ever year for getting back to my art. 


I've obviously been a very good girl this year too, because Santa brought me lots of lovely arty goodies...

a sewing machine.

Now I can add some stitching to my mixed media stuff.
(that is if I can remember how I used to do it)

I can't wait to clear the table space to set up my machine...

and get 


(just as soon as I've had another chocolate)
Well, it still IS Christmas.

Rachelle x

'Happy Face'

p.s Thank You to my Mr.P for helping Santa choose such Fabulous gifts for me.


Merry Christmas everyone...

Wishing everyone a magical and very Merry Christmas

Rachelle x

Only two more sleeps...

Only two more sleeps...

I'm getting excited now.

Hope I'm on the nice list :D

My Little Miss is well aware that Santa is coming and shouts it out at least once every hour.  She did however point out a small problem today, we don't have a fireplace. So tomorrow, we will be placing a MAGIC key in a special place outside for the big man to use.

She is prepared though, she has her reindeer food at the ready, complete with glitter to twinkle in the moonlight.

She 'made' this at pre-school.

We had some good news today too,
hopefully the heating is fixed.

It only took 6 engineers 7 days...
they should have sent a woman.
Hee hee.

The bad news today is that I didn't manage to make any art to show you.
I know, 

So instead, I thought I'd show you a little snap of our Christmas Tree.

There, Christmas Spirit has resumed.

All is good with the world,
and now for another

(I know I'll regret this soon)

Rachelle x

p.s I almost forgot to mention, I'll be starting the Book of Days with Effy Wild on January 1st, and yes, I'll be posting everything that I do here.  Love my little 'show and tell'

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

'Carry your Heart'

She's finished at last.
I LOVE this one so much... 
I realise that I say that a lot, possibly every time I make something new, but this time I really do mean it.
LOVE her.

She turned out really great, and I even added a few of my new rub-ons too. 
 Check out the lacy trim and flower on her dress.

Here's some delightful cutie close ups...

Dress detail...

rub-on key and heart.

She's even got a little crown...

I have Art Eye Candy love for her.

I must make some prints quick (before she is sold in the shop).

If your wondering about the title of this blog post...
Well, it's what I've been dreaming of as I sit in a house with no heating (still).

Ok, so maybe not chestnuts, but the fire for sure.

Perhaps a little mulled wine.

Now you got me thinking...

Rachelle x



If you follow me on Facebook, you will be aware of my ongoing problems with the gas boiler. 
No heating and hot water for sustained periods since Friday. 
Well today, as told, I waited from 8am until 1pm for the engineer to arrive... 
(this is now the 3rd engineer)
I waited, and waited, and waited.
No joy.

It turns out that the engineer called to the wrong address, then followed that up with a call to the wrong number... really?!
So here I sit again, waiting...


To try and distract myself, and bring back the seasonal cheer (and keep warm) I decided to get on and (almost) finish the next piece.  
This was the face that I did last week I think, and the canvas that I worked on for the last couple of days. So at least something positive came from a very cold negative.

I'll show you what I got done...

dress close up
(it looks yuck close up)
the dress again but tilted away from the light.
(I used some metallic poster paint)

remember this face?

I think this is where I started placing all the 'elements' together.

There's still a bit of detailing to do, I'm not sure the piece is balanced right yet.  What I mean is, the bottom is quite dark, and the top looks light - it needs to be more even.

But she IS looking rather fabulous.


what a beauty.

Oh how I love it when a piece starts to come together.

Ho Ho Ho

Rachelle x


Tis' the season to sparkle...

Don't you just love a bit of glitter and glam?
A bit of sparkle can always put a smile on my face
 (even when the heating and hot water is STILL not working).

Check out this Art Eye Candy chick that I made for you.
(she's going into the shop too)

I collaged the background of this mini-canvas with leftover scraps from the canvas in yesterday's post.  Do you remember the poem?  Well, you can see scraps of it here, if you look closely.
I gave it all a wash with inks - I was going for a real 'hot' looking background for the hot chick.

How cute is this box canvas???
It's only 4" x 3" x 1.5"

Just adding the bits and bobs here...
and YES she is wearing Ruby Slippers too.
(it would be rude not too)

I added some distress inks and a little glitter as it is the season to sparkle.

Art Eye Candy
Words of Wisdom.

All I need to do now is give the sides a paint, and also a little gloss finish to the fabulous lady.

Don't you just love the quote too?
It's more scraps from my Vogue magazines, they used to be cherished for years when I was studying fashion design, now I just cut them to shreds.

Ah how times have changed.

Whilst I had my ink pads out, I also added some to the other piece that I'm working on.  I'm determined to get it finished by tomorrow evening.  
I'm doing the paint bits tonight - gotta do something to keep warm.

it's still a little wrinkly
oh well.

I'm off to get a hot cup of tea
 cheeky mince pie.
All this typing is making my fingers chilly

 Rachelle x


Baby it's cold outside...

My little window kisser :)

The snow didn't last very long, (about 4 hours) but it has gone really cold and icy, especially where we live.  Despite the cold, my Little Miss has insisted on playing in the garden and watering the already frozen plants... kids.
Yes I know you're not supposed to do that, but they were the dead sun flowers from the summer.

Meanwhile, I have stayed in the warm and tried to get all technical again. 
 I don't know if you have noticed but the 'shop' now has something in it... and PayPal button too.  Impressive hey?!
I realise that 1 item does not make a 'shop', but I'll be adding a few more smaller items very soon, now that I know (or think I know) how to add everything correctly, so hopefully someone might part with a few pennies and buy something from me.

I had a 'day off' creating yesterday due to family commitments, but I've started to collage the background of the canvas that I'm going to use for the face from my last post.

Take a peek...

This is only a section as the canvas is one of the rectangular ones that I have used recently.
The text comes from the poem 'I carry your heart with me' by E.E.Cummings.
My Mum introduced me to it...

It's looking like the colour scheme will be pinks at the moment.
This might change though, as you know, I don't always start with a plan for these things.
I like to just let it evolve, and I go wherever it takes me.

Tomorrow once it has dried properly, and lost all the wrinkles, I'll maybe add a little paint and ink to distress it.  
But then again, I might not... you know as much as I do.

If you are thinking of watering sunflowers, just remember to wrap up warm
sing along...
baby it's cold outside

(so stay in and make art)

Rachelle x


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's snowing!!!!

or at least it was for a short time today.

I just LOVE the snow, it makes me feel all christmassy and I'm putting all my energy into 'helping' my little Miss feel it too. 
 So much fun. 
(much to the disgust of Mr P).

Today was going to be my last 'free' day before Little Miss finished pre-school for the holidays, it WAS going to be a day filled with glorious art. 
 It didn't work out like that.
Mr.P suggested a spot of Christmas shopping and I'm not about to turn that down, so that was that.

Despite the odd glass of mulled wine (LOVE IT) and a leisurely lunch along with lots of festive shopping, I did manage to print off a few papers to use for my journal pages. 
 I like to 'recycle' my own work for collage papers.  
It makes them unique and cheap.

you might recognise some of these images...

Let's see what I can do with these.

Just before I go,
I wanted to share this with you, 
from Erin Smith (I've mentioned her before, I'm a fan of her crazy art).


Rachelle x


It's all in the preparation...

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today.

Today, and for most of today, I made a new blog header and even added some pages.
It amazes me that I've actually managed to do it.
I'm SO not technical.
What do you think of the new look?

In between my outbursts of technical wizardry, I also managed to fit in something arty.
After missing yesterday due to feeling a little off-colour, it was really great to get back to it today.

I've been working on a few things actually.

The first is the girl that you can see above...
At the moment, she is not finished, and I also need to 'do' the rest of the canvas that she will be going on.  If I start the background layers tonight to allow for drying time, then I should manage to finish it off tomorrow.
So far, she has been drawn in 6B pencil, then painted with acrylic paint, covered in the silk paper and painted with watercolour paint.  I painted the watercolour whilst the glue was still wet on the silk paper, so the paint bled quite a bit.  I like it.

For those of you wanting to know about this 'silk paper' that I keep mentioning (I still don't actually know the real name) I thought I'd show you a picture of it.
Hopefully a picture might help...

The one I'm using at the moment has stars in it, not that you can see them when I use it, they make no difference.  You can see the paper texture though, it's really soft.

The other thing that I've been working on is some journal backgrounds.  It's been so long since I did any journal work but I figured that if I prepared the backgrounds, I would use them.



inky and acrylic


As they say 
'it's all in the preparation...'

Let's hope so.

Rachelle x

p.s.  I updated the 'About Me' and 'Contact' pages, come and see.