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Sticky Fingers...

Ooh it really does feel good to get back to making something.

I wasn't sure what to make today, think my arty brain had gone into snooze mode a bit, so I decided to have a rummage through my boxes of arty stuff.  It's ages since I went through them properly and had a good look at what I've got.  Yes, I have everything in boxes... I don't yet have a studio, or art room, but it's on my wishlist, it's number one actually.
Anyway, I found three wooden blanks, I think I bought them about 10 years ago - yes I know, it's a long time to keep something and not use it but I'm a bit of a magpie.   There was a bird, star and a little house, and I've decided to decorate them with collage and other little embellishments.  they all have little holes to attach hanging wire/string but I don't have any yet - another trip to the art supplies shop required. (any excuse). 
I intend on adding some beads and maybe some charms to the finished lovelies, that is after I get the wire.  I can't drive for another 3 weeks yet so that will just have to wait.

Here I go rambling on again...

Time I showed something.

Little wooden blanks.

Starting to add the collage - LOVE collage.

One of the finished sides, I even added a little glitter paint.  Well, it is almost Christmas right?
Maybe I'll hang them on the tree, or should I give them as gifts or even sell?
I've no idea, maybe I should wait till I've done the rest first.  This one took me about 4 hours to do so that gives me plenty of thinking time.

this is the other side, the colours didn't show so well here, it's alot brighter than it looks.

I've had a lovely time today making art and getting sticky fingers

Here's looking forward to tomorrow.

Rachelle x


Kristine said...

Rachelle - I adore this lil' bird - Love collage - I need to try my hand at this - I would love to know how you made her look so amazing - I am a real beginner, so step by step would be wonderful (if you have the time!) ... Love your blog and your work!

Rachelle said...

Hi Kristine,
Thank you for your lovely comment about the little bird and the blog - I'm pleased you like it. I'll definatly take on board what you said about a tutorial type posting, that's a great idea. I also keep thinking about making some videos but I'm not really sure how to do that yet - something for the future.
Keep going with your art, I was once a beginner too.
Rachelle x