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Stars and Angels (part two)...

So after working on the little angel for another 4 hours (9 hours in total so far, plus drying time) I thought I'd be brave and show her off. 
 I didn't realise that these Art Dolls were so time intensive-it's no wonder they are so expensive when you see them for sale.  
I loved making her though, I definatly want to make some more when the time allows.

Here's how she came to life...

After doing all the steps that I went through on my previous post, I went on to collage her dress.  I decided to use the Christmas stamps, I thought the 'patchwork' look would be cute for the dress.

This is the back view.

TOP TIP - if you are going to try this with stamps, crumple them up several times first to soften them, this allows them to stick around curves etc. 
( I only realised this after I'd struggled with a few)

This was my first face attempt...
I wasn't happy so I gessoed over and tried again.

attempt 2,
if you look in the left corner of the photo you can see that I went on to stamp the face instead.
It was ok but my conscience told me that I should trust my own abilities and try again.

So my third attempt involved me drawing the face onto tissue paper first, then sticking this onto the dolls face - that is after I used the gesso AGAIN.

3rd attempt

Looking at it now, I'm not even sure that this is the best one but it's done now.

here she is with the colour added, I used watercolour paint and a little pen for detail.

I made the hair by scrunching up scraps of the silk paper (the one I keep mentioning a lot) and loosely glued onto the head before adding a little glitter.

She does have legs, but still no feet, I'm going to get round to that later today.

This gives you an idea of her size - cute size.

this is the little 'quote' that I stuck to her dress.  
I cut up the words from one of my old vogue magazines.

So apart from her feet...
Oh, and a little stand, she's done.

Now I am officially addicted to making Art Dolls.

See look, I started another...

Elf or Santa?

What's it to be?
(ideas welcome)

Rachelle x


Kirsten Alicia said...

She is very cute! How about a Mrs Santa art doll? Or a sugar plum fairy?

Rachelle said...

Hi Kirsten, mm I like the idea of a sugar plum fairy, that would be so cute.