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From the heart...

yes, I know, it's been a while again...

I've just completed  what feels like a 'marathon' stay in the hospital.  
I'm hoping that will be my last one for a long while.  there's only so many needles, drips and hospital dinners that I can take without going completely crazy. 
I'm so glad to be home (again), I only lasted 3 nights (at the time of my last post) before I was re-admitted.  This time I'm hoping it's MUCH MUCH longer.

Oh and if you were wondering why all this hospital stuff, well they've found out that I have an infection inside my heart (possibly from a previous pacemaker op).  It's quite serious, but the doctors seem to think they caught it in time. Phew.
On the bright side (there always is one) it means that I need quite a long recovery period and so will have lots of time on my hands to make lots of lovely 'healing' art eye candy and that should cheer me up no end.

The only thing that I'm not so happy about is that I missed Halloween (and using my new resources) and I missed Bonfire Night and all the Fireworks.  Two of my favourite times of the year.  Oh well, I guess I saved money on dressing up at least.

So now I'm going to start making some Christmassy treats - it's not to early is it?

Rachelle x

Mr.P and his little princess cheering me up in hospital.


Beth said...

Ugh what a crazy crazy time this must have been for you! I'm glad it looks like your stay is coming to an end...rest well! We're rooting for you. :)

Kirsten Alicia said...

What a horrible time you've had! I hope you start to feel a a lot better & are able to avoid hospitals for a long time.

Rachelle said...

Hi Beth and Kirsten,
Yes, it has been a little crazy and horrible lately but now I'm hoping that the drugs start working their magic and making me better. At least I have lots of time to make art.