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Elf Yourself...

Hey Little Elf...

Finally finished the little Elf (it turned into this as I was going along) tonight.  
I'm really quite pleased with the result.  I do like making these little art dolls, the only downside is the time it takes... I can get quite impatient sometimes.

Here's how he/she came about.
(after the steps on the previous post of course)

Following on from the 'face trauma' that I had with the angel, I decided to draw the face onto tissue paper, then glue it onto the figure.  
This makes it much easier as your not drawing onto a curved surface.

I made a little hat with card and masking tape. 
 I scrunched the card first to make it easier to shape to how I wanted it to look.  It finished up a bit more bendy than this.

A little Elfie close up
I used watercolours to paint the face (plus a little gesso in the eyes) and unlike the angel, I think this is really sweet.

The next step was to add the colour to the figure, I did this with coloured papers and made a little waistcoat from some vintage christmas stamps.

Oh and a little glitter and a dangly star...

and a little bell to the hat... 
it doesn't ring though.

Ta Da...

What do you think?

I'm quite pleased how this little cutie turned out, 
perhaps it was because of my chuckie egg and soldiers that I had this morning...

the stuff of childhood.

Rachelle x


Kirsten Alicia said...

She's very cute, I love the hat, it's at a very jaunty angle. The pic of your egg & soldiers made me smile, last night I fancied the same but I've no eggs. Must buy some this week.

Rachelle said...

Hi Kirsten,
Nice to see you again :) I'm really quite pleased how this little elf turned out, I'm definatly going to be making some more like this.
Don't forget the eggs
Rachelle x