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No Place Like Home...

I've finally been allowed to come home again after being in the hospital for the last 16 days, and I can honestly say that there really is No Place Like Home.  I've had the BEST cup of tea with toast and jam for ages, and of course, I've got to see Mr.P and my little Princess - I missed them both soooo much.

I'm truly blessed.

Fortunately for me, the surgery went to plan (removal of my infected pacemaker), so now I start on a long period of recovery, followed by possibly some more surgery to fit a new one in around 3 months or so.  In the meantime I'm rattling around full up on medication with lots of rest.

The benefit of the 'lots of rest' thing is that I'll be able to spend lots of healing art time and as you can imagine, this makes me a very sore but happy bunny.

I haven't forgotten about the artwork that I mentioned in my mini hospital post, here it is...

This was actually started on my vacation in Florida, I'd already done the pencil sketch and stamped a few butterflies around the page.  But in the week before my operation, I worked on the top with pen.  Oh, and I also wrote down my 'scrambled' thoughts and feelings.  I've not attempted to re-read what I wrote, I don't really think that I want to, or that it would even make any sense.  The main thing for me was to just 'get it all out' instead of keeping my worries about what lay ahead locked inside. (phew, that was a bit deep  lol)

close up

The double page spread.

with the watercolour added. (the paints were the only colour I had with me)

'Spread your Wings'

The next spread that I did was really just done as light relief rather than to 'unload' my feelings.  I used a 6B pencil (yes it was too soft) and a copic marker.

The next journal page was done the day before my operation, after seeing the cardiologist and signing my consent form.  This one might look quite bright and colourful, but I was in a really dark place, and worried for they day ahead.  If you manage to read any of my writing, you might be able to pick up on this.  This is another page which I'll probably never actually read again, but it really helped me to do at the time.
I made a little 'window' in the page.

Inside says 'be careful with my heart'. (and I meant it too)
The spread

Love this little window - I'm going to do more of these for sure. 
So that's what I got up (plus a few doodles as well)

I've still got all my lovely Halloween supplies to use yet - so that's my next project for this week (if I have the energy)

My little hospital visitor

I'm off for a well deserved sit on the couch with a cup of tea now, all that typing has tired me out.

Remember, Art Heals

Rachelle x


Beth said...

I'm so glad you're back home and healing up! Your hospital stay sounds super scary and stressful -- I'm glad that you were able to use art to express your feelings about the surgery, instead of just keeping it bottled up. And (of course) the finished products are beautiful. Here's to super-fast healing!

Rachelle said...

Hi Beth!
So sorry for the slow reply (in the hospital - again) but Thank You so very much for leaving your lovely comment. It's always good to hear from friends. hopefully i'll have some new art to show you really soon. x

kristen said...

Your art and pages are absolutely beautiful! I wish you all the best for full and speedy healing. Ps. Your daughter is so cute! :)

Vanessa Colant said...

beautiful art journal pages!!!!!!!!B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L

Rachelle said...

Rachelle x