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Talk of Rainy Days and Rosebuds...


Happy Tuesday everyone.

It was pouring down with rain this morning when I woke up.  It looks like Summer has 'left the building' and Autumn is just creeping in.  The thing about rain is that it always makes me think of using my watercolour paints.

I often talk about using them quite alot at the moment and I have to admit, I quite like the effects.

So for today's little page, I did a little Paper Doll Chick, and called her 'Rosebud' (because of the roses on her dress).  The roses actually stated out as swirls...but you know how things often change with me.  I don't like to be 'stuck' to any certain thing, I like to have the option to adapt and change images into something else if the mood takes me.

At college, I was often told by my tutors that I was 'bolshi' (bossy/opinionated etc) but it was always when I was trying to push boundaries and make changes to my work.  That bossy-ness does come in handy though, after all I am  teacher. :)

Here's a little cutie close up for you...

I gave her a coat of gloss medium and did another blue wash over the top.

Then, I took another close up with my camera (phone) and played around with a filter app to enhance the blue, and this is how she came out...

I love how this turned out.

You might have noticed, but I'm blogging a little later than usual.  this is for two reasons,

1. I'm back at work :(
2. The football is on (bah humbug)

This will be the way it has to stay for now at least, so apologies if the new post isn't up when you expect it.  Just remember this, I'm only working later.

And whilst we are on the topic of being back to work (school), here is a little piccy that my sister-in-law sent me today of my two lovely nieces starting their new year at school.

Cutie Tooties.

Just before I leave, the voting for my design at Talent House closes tomorrow, thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Rachelle x

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