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Labor Day and School

Happy Labor Day
(to all my friends in the US and Canada)
I hope your having a lovely relaxing holiday today.

For me, it's been labour of a different kind...

Today, I went back to school after a break of a few months through sickness. It's been quite a long day, with alot of new year type information to take in.  A day full of meetings and planning, but still managed a little chocolate biscuit time too.  After all, a girl's gotta have chocolate, right?

Some good news about today was that I won't have a lot of assignment marking this year, which gives me evenings to concentrate on art.  I'm really pleased about that.

Last night, I made this page in my mini art journal.  She's mixed media, made from silk paper background, rubber stamps, pen and pencils.  I wasn't aiming for anything in particular, it was more that I wanted to be colourful.  I think it answers that.

In the cutie close up, you can see the papers and the stamps really clearly.  
I'd stared to add the pencil shading here too.

This is before I added the shading and hair.  Look closer, you can see that I'd originally put the nose higher up.  I hope my life-drawing teacher isn't looking though, she's hardly in proportion, but hey I was after colour. (that's my excuse)

I might add a few more embellishments to her, I'm not totally happy.  But for now,, she can be tucked away into the art journal whilst I do some lesson plans.

Oh, I almost forgot...

I worked a little more on this cutie too.  I think she looks better now.

On that note, I'm off but have a lovely day and I'll be back tomorrow.  
(as long as I survive the children)

Rachelle x

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