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3 Ways to be a happy artist...

I've been a little twitchy all day today...
Tomorrow, I'm back at work, in my day job as a Teacher.

yes, it's a great job and I love it,

but being at home and having the time to spend on art has really opened my eyes again.  
It's reminded me just how much I really have missed making my art. 
 It's been a blessing to be off work sick.  Who'd have thought I'd be saying that?

So whilst in this (almost melancholy) frame of mind, I did what I do best, and got the art supplies out.  (I don't have an art studio yet, I work in the dining room with my supplies in a box).

I worked in my little art journal and created this...

The quote at the top of this post came from the page I created.

This little Paper Doll Chick was drawn onto an ink background and I added a few bits of silk paper to her hair and dress.  But that's it really... I kept it simple today.

You can see her 'silky' hair in the close up.  She looks a little like I feel.

Enough of the moping around, smile.

So here are my 3 ways to be a happy artist...

1. Be true to yourself
2. Make art for you, not for anyone else. (unless it's a HUGE commission)
3. Always remember 'Your art is SMART'
 (I always tell this to the kids at school when they get down about their art).

Later this afternoon (still feeling twitchy) I decided to make some bottle cap magnets.  I keep making Mr.P drink beer so I can save the caps.

These are my little cutie tooties...

Not too shabby for a first attempt.

here's the little process...

Draw your little template and decorate

Make a few mixed-media ones too.

then stick them into the caps, add a varnish and a magnet and you're all done.

To be honest, making these did cheer me up.  I even started on another journal page too, but you have to come back tomorrow to see that. (love your company).

I worked out today that I'll be starting my 10th year teaching tomorrow, and it's also 10 years since Freddie Mercury died too.  Can you believe how fast time has flown?

Well, that's enough of me for today, I've chatted long enough.  time to take my happy feet off to bed and get a good night's rest ready for school.

Rachelle x


Nessa Pretty Days said...


Coleen said...

Nice work. Been thinking of trying some of these too.

Coleen in Ukraine

Marianne said...

Love #1 on this list. Being true to yourself and your creativity journey is the first step to really uncovering your authentic path.

Also, love those mixed media bottle caps. Brilliant!

Betherann said...

I love those bottle caps! I'll have to try it -- thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Great work wonderfully emotional and causes others to think about things other then just plain pretty! Sanna

Rachelle said...

What lovely commets... Thank you all so very much. i'm glad that you like the list Marianne. And Sanna, what you wrote really touched me. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your creativity. Thankyou for being so generous and sharing your ideas with us. Best wishes from Australia.

Rachelle said...

Thanks 'Anonymous' for your lovely comment...I got your email too (I'll be replying soon). I think it's good to share ideas with people, it would be a sad lonely person who kept them for herself.
Sending best wishes Down Under.
Rachelle x