f September 2011 - Art Eye Candy

I Heart New York...

Just to say...

we will never forget.

from my visit in 2010.

it's been 10 years, but only feels like yesterday, I'm not so sure that much has been learned, 
or that people have changed... but we must.

Rachelle x


Spread your wings...


It's really important to live each day to the full.

I know that may sound very cliche, but it really is true.  Life is very short and it should be treasured.  None of us have the luxury of knowing when it might be 'our time', or the time for a loved one.
So the little message today is... spread your wings.

I wasn't quite sure what to make today, so I decided to post a question on my Facebook wall to see if anyone had any requests for something special.
As it turned out, my friend Nicola responded with a lovely request.  She told me about the daughter of a friend of hers who passed away through cancer last year.  Today would have been her 16th birthday.  How could I possibly ignore that?

This one's for you Ellie, where ever you are.

'freedom' is a mixed media cutie.

I thought 'Freedom' was an apt name for her.

E is for Ellie

It feels really good to make something meaningful (to someone) instead of my usual ideas based on my daydreams or whatever takes my fancy that day.

This art has been GOOD for my soul.

If you do nothing else today, take a moment to count your blessings and...

(from Brave Girls Studio)

Happy Birthday Ellie

Rachelle x

Talk of Rainy Days and Rosebuds...


Happy Tuesday everyone.

It was pouring down with rain this morning when I woke up.  It looks like Summer has 'left the building' and Autumn is just creeping in.  The thing about rain is that it always makes me think of using my watercolour paints.

I often talk about using them quite alot at the moment and I have to admit, I quite like the effects.

So for today's little page, I did a little Paper Doll Chick, and called her 'Rosebud' (because of the roses on her dress).  The roses actually stated out as swirls...but you know how things often change with me.  I don't like to be 'stuck' to any certain thing, I like to have the option to adapt and change images into something else if the mood takes me.

At college, I was often told by my tutors that I was 'bolshi' (bossy/opinionated etc) but it was always when I was trying to push boundaries and make changes to my work.  That bossy-ness does come in handy though, after all I am  teacher. :)

Here's a little cutie close up for you...

I gave her a coat of gloss medium and did another blue wash over the top.

Then, I took another close up with my camera (phone) and played around with a filter app to enhance the blue, and this is how she came out...

I love how this turned out.

You might have noticed, but I'm blogging a little later than usual.  this is for two reasons,

1. I'm back at work :(
2. The football is on (bah humbug)

This will be the way it has to stay for now at least, so apologies if the new post isn't up when you expect it.  Just remember this, I'm only working later.

And whilst we are on the topic of being back to work (school), here is a little piccy that my sister-in-law sent me today of my two lovely nieces starting their new year at school.

Cutie Tooties.

Just before I leave, the voting for my design at Talent House closes tomorrow, thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Rachelle x


Labor Day and School

Happy Labor Day
(to all my friends in the US and Canada)
I hope your having a lovely relaxing holiday today.

For me, it's been labour of a different kind...

Today, I went back to school after a break of a few months through sickness. It's been quite a long day, with alot of new year type information to take in.  A day full of meetings and planning, but still managed a little chocolate biscuit time too.  After all, a girl's gotta have chocolate, right?

Some good news about today was that I won't have a lot of assignment marking this year, which gives me evenings to concentrate on art.  I'm really pleased about that.

Last night, I made this page in my mini art journal.  She's mixed media, made from silk paper background, rubber stamps, pen and pencils.  I wasn't aiming for anything in particular, it was more that I wanted to be colourful.  I think it answers that.

In the cutie close up, you can see the papers and the stamps really clearly.  
I'd stared to add the pencil shading here too.

This is before I added the shading and hair.  Look closer, you can see that I'd originally put the nose higher up.  I hope my life-drawing teacher isn't looking though, she's hardly in proportion, but hey I was after colour. (that's my excuse)

I might add a few more embellishments to her, I'm not totally happy.  But for now,, she can be tucked away into the art journal whilst I do some lesson plans.

Oh, I almost forgot...

I worked a little more on this cutie too.  I think she looks better now.

On that note, I'm off but have a lovely day and I'll be back tomorrow.  
(as long as I survive the children)

Rachelle x


3 Ways to be a happy artist...

I've been a little twitchy all day today...
Tomorrow, I'm back at work, in my day job as a Teacher.

yes, it's a great job and I love it,

but being at home and having the time to spend on art has really opened my eyes again.  
It's reminded me just how much I really have missed making my art. 
 It's been a blessing to be off work sick.  Who'd have thought I'd be saying that?

So whilst in this (almost melancholy) frame of mind, I did what I do best, and got the art supplies out.  (I don't have an art studio yet, I work in the dining room with my supplies in a box).

I worked in my little art journal and created this...

The quote at the top of this post came from the page I created.

This little Paper Doll Chick was drawn onto an ink background and I added a few bits of silk paper to her hair and dress.  But that's it really... I kept it simple today.

You can see her 'silky' hair in the close up.  She looks a little like I feel.

Enough of the moping around, smile.

So here are my 3 ways to be a happy artist...

1. Be true to yourself
2. Make art for you, not for anyone else. (unless it's a HUGE commission)
3. Always remember 'Your art is SMART'
 (I always tell this to the kids at school when they get down about their art).

Later this afternoon (still feeling twitchy) I decided to make some bottle cap magnets.  I keep making Mr.P drink beer so I can save the caps.

These are my little cutie tooties...

Not too shabby for a first attempt.

here's the little process...

Draw your little template and decorate

Make a few mixed-media ones too.

then stick them into the caps, add a varnish and a magnet and you're all done.

To be honest, making these did cheer me up.  I even started on another journal page too, but you have to come back tomorrow to see that. (love your company).

I worked out today that I'll be starting my 10th year teaching tomorrow, and it's also 10 years since Freddie Mercury died too.  Can you believe how fast time has flown?

Well, that's enough of me for today, I've chatted long enough.  time to take my happy feet off to bed and get a good night's rest ready for school.

Rachelle x


Fingers crossed and a 'Happy Accident'

Today has been one of those days when it doesn't quite happen as you expect it, the 'art' that is.  
I had planned to do a little journal page and had this great idea about using the inks again.  As it turned out, it didn't really go to plan.  But rather than show you nothing at all, it bit the bullet and decided 'what the heck, I'll blog anyway'.  
So here is my happy accident (not sure why you say that, I wasn't very happy at the time) in all her glory... 
At least the colours are cute :)

She looks as if she's been at the wine :)

Ok, about the accident... 
I had this bright idea that if I covered the (honestly) very lovely watercolour face in a 'protective' coat of matt medium, that it would act as a seal, and I could add ink on top (and dab away the excess).  Well let me tell you, it doesn't work, hence the red face.

Oh well, live and learn.

It also seems I had inky fingers too (see the print on her face?)

So the only successful part in today's art (to me at least) is the colours.  Love them.  The indian inks really hold their pigments well.

Anyway, moving on to some exciting news...

I've entered my Madame Butterfly into a design competition for Talenthouse, on behalf of John Lewis (UK department store, quite upscale).  I'm not sure that she'll win, but if I don't give it a whirl, I'll never know.

If you'd like to vote for my design (please, oh pretty please) you can click the link below the picture.  Hopefully I'm enough of a techno head to at least get that right.  please feel free to let me know if I've not done it properly.

In case you forgot her... here she is

So this is me 'giving it a whirl'

Fingers crossed.

Rachelle x