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Watercolour Angel...

I decided to try something different today, not new, but different.  
I got out my old watercolour set that I've had since I was at art college (many moons ago).  I love using watercolours, it's something that I used to use alot in my art journals, and not just for the average 'watercolour' type painting of fruit or some countryside scene.  I used it for fashion illustrations, textile designs, anything really, oh and the odd still life.  After all, you can't get through art college without a still life or two.  My point is, watercolours can be exciting, if unpredictable to use, and that's what makes them great to use.  I will add though, that you do have to be a little bit brave to cover the unpredictability part. lol
So in the style of all good 'scaredy-cats', I stared small.
I decided to paint one of my little Paper Doll Chicks in my little paints and see how it went before venturing into larger things.

Here she is...

not too bad when I'm a little rusty.

I quite like how the cheeks blended, if you're going to try this, do it wet-on-wet, then pat it dry (gently).

I worked into the image with my pencils, and added a stamp, that's how I decided to make her a little angel.

How sweet (even if I say so myself) :)

Then, suddenly remembering that I need to send a Thank You card, I cut her out and stuck her onto a mini card.  I hope they like it.

Now that I've had a go (again) at the watercolours, I'm going to go for it.  Also, I'm on vacation in two weeks, and still want to do some art (to show you guys) so I think the little paints will be ideal to take along with a mini journal.
Love little mini's

May be back later, depending how busy today gets.
See you soon

Rachelle x

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