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Red balloons and watercolour mermaids...

I don't suppose that I should expect too much more from the good old British summertime really, I mean we have had at least a few sunny days, so I suppose a day of rain is due.  It's that kind of drizzly rain that gets you really wet and damp when it actually doesn't look so bad.  Brollies at the ready.

I thought the watercolours would be good to use on such a watery day (see the little connection I made?), and also I'd promised my little lady that she could paint with Mummy too.

I think after trying them out the other day, I really rather like them and have now decided to embrace the watercolour and paint away to my hearts content, much to the disgust of my teenage son, who said 'urgh, not another gothic looking girl, do something else".  Well maybe I will (but not until I've done lots of these).

'The Red Balloon'

This is before I added a little pencil crayon (just a touch) to enhance the eyes and other bits and bobs.  I went a bit wonky with the right eye today too, at least it makes a change from my wonky left eyes that I usually do.

This was going to be a princess (to please my son) but she turned into a mermaid.  You can see the size really well here too, I'm working in my A5 size art journal.  Look how tiny my paint set is, it's being packed for the vacation for sure.

a little close-up.

I've still not decided if I should add more pencil detail yet, not sure if it would spoil the watery effect of the paints.

Love the watery shades of blue...

I really like using the watercolours, working in the journal is fine, but if you use paper, then you need to 'stretch' it first to avoid the bumpy look when the paint dries.

And now let me introduce you to the 'Artist in Residence' of the Kitchen.

Miss P

an artist in the making.

Rachelle x


Sandra van Doorn said...

Oh i just discovered your blog via "all i did is listen" and i love your work so much. so much. so very much... have added you to my list of "amazing creative people to follow " (Pfew! that was a mouth full!) x sandra

Rachelle said...

Hi Sandra!
Thank you for visiting my little blog. :) I'm really pleased that you love my work, and thank you so very much for adding me to your list, that's fantastic!