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Play, Grow, Delight...

it's taken me a few days to get myself geared up to blogging and art again, I really must apologise.  The holiday, or at least the jet lag, really 'zapped' me for a moment.  Anyway, I've hopefully shook it off now and can get back to some making and blogging about it.

This little lovely is part of a set (that I did on vacation) - at least I did something  :)

Here's the whole picture (minus the text)

I used a stamp for the body/kimono, but the faces are all mine.

Enough of that,  today I did something new.  
A little mixed media journal page, I actually really like it too.

I used indian inks to create a really BRIGHT background... look, it's still wet.

Meanwhile, whilst the ink dried, I made a little collaged/painted Paper Doll Chick.

I watercoloured the face, collaged the hair and used an ink pen to outline my drawing.  She's still wet too, thank goodness for a heat gun.

Close Up cutie

I stamped some butterflies onto a magazine page.  I'm loving butterflies.

I added the butterflies and used some rub-on words.

This is when I added the tissue layer.  
I was so relieved to see that the text was still visible.

Here she is, I worked on the tissue with the crayons again.

Play, Grow, Delight.

Hope you like her.

Oh it's so good to be back doing the art again, Oh how I missed you.

Rachelle x


Betherann said...

I love it! And I love getting a peak at artists' processes, so thanks for that, too.

Kristine said...

I am new to your blog - Love your style - I joined your email list tonight - Looking forward to reading more - Welcome Back!

Kristine said...

Oh, BTW - I also have a blog @ www.kristinelivinginthemoment.blogspot.com - I would love for you to come and join me on my journey ... ~Kristine

Rachelle said...

Thank you Betherann and Kristine, for both visiting my blog, and leaving such lovely comments. I'm always happy to share my work and processes, especially if you like to see it. This really started as a little way of making myself be more creative, but now Im hoping that it will allow me to teach and do art full time. Baby steps

Best wishes
Rachelle x

p.s.Kristine, ill check out your blog too, thanks for the link :)